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Q343: Dua for eyesight excellent


Can you give dua to make eyesight excellent?


May Allah preserve your eyesight and make it excellent. Read “ya nooru” eleven times after every namaz, blow on your finger tips and rub them over your eyes. “Noor” is from Asma-e-Husna – when you call upon Allah through Asma-e-Husna, He responds.

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  1. Surah 7 verse 180. “Allah has the most beautiful of names, so call unto him through them” After salah, we have been instructed to call upon Allah, so this is a way of calling Him, it’s not fardh that the exact method shud be in Quran and hadeeth, finally, when an alim says something , we shud have confidence in them, Allah knows best, wassalam

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