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Q539: sleeping between asr and maghrib

Assalamu alaykum

Is it makrooh to sleep between asar and magrib?

jazakallah, may Allah reward you abundantly… ameen

Answer: yes it is makrooh when isha is at risk. One Hadith says ” May the eye which sleeps before it, not get any sleep” I am in haj and I don’t have books to find the reference, so you’ll have to trust me, like you would do so, even when I gave you the referance.

If there is no risk of isha being missed or delayed and one only lies down on the sofa, not changing clothes and going to bed for a long night, then this would not be makrooh. The Sahabah sometimes fell asleep in masjid while waiting for isha to start.

Sorry, I wrote upto here in a rush, then realised that your question is about between asr and maghrib. This time is for dhikrullah. A hadithe qudsi says ” O son of Adam! Invoke me after fajr and asr, and I will suffice for you in between” This is why the Salaf would do their qayloolah (siesta) after zuhr. After asr they would be busy in either work or Dhikr. And this is why imam Abu hanifa rahmatullahi alayhi is of the opinion that asr should be performed late, (until the sun is still shining and before it’s colour changes) so that one can engage in dhikrullah until maghrib.

So, yes it would be makrooh to sleep at the time of Dhikr.

One Response to Q539: sleeping between asr and maghrib

  1. Salam; I am just asking my 1 year son alwyes sleeps at maghrib time and I heard it’s makrooh is that gonna put him at risk. Depends on the hadieeth( who sleeps between maghrib and asr fla yloomna ella nafseha]

    ——————– —————-

    Walaikumussalam w w

    The Hadith is for a mukallaf, 1 year old child is not mukallaf. He doesn’t have to pray Salah so how can he be burdened with this minute detail of shariah.

    Don’t worry. Let him sleep whenever he wants and as much as he wants. It’s his time to sleep. Inshallah when he will wake up, he will stay awake to do khidmat of Deen

  2. amna on April 14th, 2013 at 12:13 am

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