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​19- Quranic Gem

19- Quranic Gem

‘The Soul’

‎و يسؤلونك عن الروح قل الروح من امر ربي

“And they ask you about the soul. Say, the soul is from the command of my Rabb, and you have been granted a little bit of knowledge.” 

(The knowledge of mankind and that of Rasul   صلي الله عليه و سلم is extremely little compared to the knowledge of Allah. Man cannot even understand the reality of his own soul, how can he hope to understand Allah as he really is?) 
Allah has given every human a body and a soul. The body being tangible, earthly, visible and the soul being intangible, divine, invisible. Allah has placed cure for the body in earthly things and cure for the soul in heavenly things. 
Out of the two, the human is actually the soul, the body is just a case which will eventually deteriorate. Take the example of a horse and it’s rider, the horse is just a convenience and the rider is the dictator. The rider controls the horse, but if he succumbs to the horse then he is a dummy. Similar is the case of the body and soul. 
Sad to say, nowadays full effort is made on the external and we lack in rectifying the soul. We find all types of treatments; pre laser, post laser, pre cosmetics, post cosmetics, pre surgery, post surgery and the list continues. 

Why is everyone restless even though they have all the materialistic things? Because the soul is MALNOURISHED. The soul is weak. 
‎لو كان جسم اهم من الروح ما كانت الروح تصعد الي السماء و الجسم تدفن تحت الارض

“If the physical body had more importance than the soul, then the soul wouldn’t ascend and the body wouldn’t be buried” 

But because the soul is the main part of a human, that’s what goes up and then accordingly the righteous souls go in عليين (place of bliss) and the wretched ones go in سجين (place of punishment). 
Sulaiman bin Abdul Malik RA once summoned Abu Hazim RA (a saint of his time). When he entered upon the Ameerul Momineen, he said I would like to ask you few questions about the soul. He replied in the affirmative upon which sulaiman RA said, 

1. لماذا نكره الموت

“Why do we dislike death?”
Abu Hazim RA replied saying, 

‎لاننا عمّرنا دنيانا و خرّبنا اخرتنا فنكره الخروج من العمار الي الخراب

“Because we have adorned our worldly life and (physical body) and neglected/abandoned our Akhirah (and made no effort on the soul), due to which it has become difficult to leave this adornment and go towards the abandoned place.” 
2. ما لنا عند الله غدا

Q: “What’s our state in front of Allah tomorrow? 

‎اعرض عملك علي كتاب الله

A: “Compare your deeds with the Quran” 

If they coincide then you’ll be with the righteous and if they differ then you’ll be amongst the transgressors. 

What’s your proof to this? 

He replied, 

‎ان الابرار لفي نعيم و ان الفجار لفي جحيم
3. كيف القدوم علي الله

Q: “How would we return to Allah?” 
A: “A pious person will return to Allah like a traveller, who is happy to return home and a transgressor will return like a slave who has eloped from his master, he will be dragged in front of Allah.” 
Rasulullah صلي الله عليه و سلم said in one Hadith, 

‎الا و ان في الجسد مضغة اذا صلحت صلح الجسد كله و اذا فسدت فسد الجسد كله

“Theirs a piece of flesh in the body, if that is healthy/rectified the whole body is rectified and if it is malnourished/not rectified then the whole body is malnourished.” 
Allah says, 

‎يوم لا ينفع مال و لا بنون الا من اتي الله بقلب سليم

“The day when no wealth or children will be of any help except the one who comes with a perfect heart.” 
It comes in one Hadith, 

‎اذا أذنب مؤمنا كانت نكتة سوداء في قلبه فان تاب و نزع و استغفر صقل قلبه فان زاد زادت فذلك الران الذي ذكره الله في كتابه – كلا بل ران علي قلوبهم ما كانوا يكسبون. رواه ابن ماجة

“When a believer sins, then a black spot appears on his heart. If he repents and refrains from the sin then his heart is polished. But if he continues then the black spots continue to appear (until his whole heart is black due to which theirs no effect on the heart) and this is that rust which Allah has mentioned in the Quran, 

‎ كلا بل ران علي قلوبهم ما كانوا يكسبون

The dust of their sins has covered their hearts.” 
So, the soul is the main part of the body, and remember the more stronger the soul is the more it’s easy at the time of death otherwise it will be hard. The questions that will be asked in the grave will be to the soul and if it’s powerful it will immediately give the answer and if it’s weak, frail, then it will struggle. 

The more sin a person commits the weaker the soul becomes. And the more good deeds he does, the more it becomes strong. Crushing the desires also strengthens the soul just like falling prey to carnal desires weakens the soul. And wise is the one who CRUSHES the desire, 

‎الكيس من دان نفسه و عمل لما بعد الموت 

“Intelligent is the one controls his desires and prepares for life after death (by doing good deeds)” 
And we have to nourish the soul all year round, not just Ramadhan! Take the example of a man on the street; he doesn’t eat properly, no proper liquids, no vitamins etc you can’t just take him in a hospital and inject him, infuse him, drip him and expect him to stabilise for a year! Similarly the soul which is malnourished for 11 months, you can’t just feed it for one moth and say it should last for the remaining of the year, that’s impossible. 
It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you are physically alive, your soul is also alive. Many walk amongst us but their souls are dead. It is regarding this rasulullah صلي الله عليه و سلم said, 

‎مثل الذي يذكر ربه و الذي لا يذكر كمثل الحي و الميت

“The example of the one who remembers Allah and the one who doesn’t is like the example of the dead and alive.” 
A perfect human is one who’s body and soul is rectified. 

Mufti Usama Mahmad

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