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10 reasons why our duas go unheard

10 reasons why our duas go unanswered:

Sheikh Ibrahim ibn Nasr al-kirmani was asked: “The Qaramitah (an extremist wing of Shias) have entered Makkah and wreaked havoc within the haram, looting properties and killing people. We have prayed but our prayers are going unheard. What is the reason for that?”

He replied: “Because you have 10 bad habits which are forming a barrier between your duas and their acceptance”

1, You believe in Allah but behave as though He’s not there.

2, You believe in Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, yet you behave as though you don’t like his sunnah.

3, You know that Quran is a manual for guidance but you don’t practice on what it teaches.

4, You know that Jannat is true but you don’t strive to earn it and you know that Azaab of Jahannam is true but you are rushing towards it.

5, You know that Iblees is your staunch enemy but you are extremely loyal to him.

6, You go to the graveyard, bury your family and friends but you forget your own death.

7, You know that this world is only temporary but you hoard money beyond your need, and you don’t care whether it’s halal or haram.

8, You know that you are going to die one day but you are busy in buying houses (and paying motgages) as though you have to live here forever.

9, You see Allah being disobeyed but you say ‘it’s not my problem’. You fail to promote virtue and forbid vice, even in your own homes.

10, and finally, you look at other people’s faults but you never look at your own transgressions.

Everyone who reads this will have one or many of the above, which is causing their duaas to be rejected.

Reflect for 30 seconds and take heed.

May Allah give us some understanding and help us change our bad habits. Ameen

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