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10 tips to focus on Salah

Salah can be considered as a priceless gift from Allah. It enables us to put forward all our needs in front of Allah and request whatever we need from Him.

Though Salah is a blessing which cannot be given a value, yet many Muslims still tend to neglect it.

A common problem which arises during Salah is the loss of concentration. Instead of focusing on Almighty Allah we tend to focus on unwanted elements. I would like to put forward some suggestions which will help you how to Increase concentration on Allah alone during Salah.

1. Pray 02 Rakaths before every fardh prayer

I recommend that you should pray at least 02 Rakaths before every fardh (Obligatory) prayer. Sunnah prayers can be used as a practice to concentrate on Salah. The more you pray the more practice you get. Thus you will be able to concentrate more on your salah.

2. Learn the meaning of the Surahs which you recite in salah

The Quran is a unique book. It has got the ability to attract anyone, due to its beauty and contour. Yet it is essential to know the meaning. We’ll never get distracted from our salah if we focus on the meaning of the Surahs which we recite, for indeed the Quran is a book like no other, a revelation from Almighty Allah himself.

3. Recite a Surah which you do not recite often

By reciting a Surah which you do not recite often, you’ll be able to concentrate on more your salah, because you should focus solely on the Surah to remember it. On the contrary, if you keep on reciting the same Surah you will not pay attention to it as you are familiar with the Surah.

4. Offer your Salah as if it’s your last

Think of the prayer you are performing as if it is your last and the final salah in your life. And it might very well be your last one because no one is guaranteed that he will live to perform another prayer.

5. Complete all your needs before offering Salah

Make sure that you fulfill all your needs before offering salah. For example; if you are hungry or thirsty, eat and drink well before praying so that you needn’t worry about these things while praying. This will help you to focus on your salah.

6. Identify the reasons which distract you during salah and eliminate them

Find out all the reasons which disturb you during salah. For example if it’s the sound, choose a place where there is no sound to offer your salah. Likewise, eliminate all other distractions by choosing a suitable place to pray.

7. Always offer your salah in congregation

When you offer salah individually Shaytan will be able to take away your concentration easily. But when you pray in congregation you feel a sense of togetherness and at the same time you will not easily get misled. This can be evinced by this saying of prophet Muhammad (PBUH),”Be attached to a Jamath for verily the wolf catches the lonely sheep. Likewise, Shaytan misleads the one who lives in solitude”.

8. Remember that you are standing in front of Allah! The lord of the worlds

Always keep in mind that during salah you are directly communicating with Allah-The lord of the universe.Never forget,that even though Allah’s mercy is far more than his anger yet his punishment is unbearable. And performing salah in a wrong manner is one reason why He gets angry.

9. Wear a clean dress and apply attar (perfume) before offering salah

By wearing a clean dress and applying perfume you will get a feeling of being well prepared to face your lord. Therefore, it gives you an excellent chance to focus on your prayer with a peaceful mind.

10. Ask for help from Allah

Last but not least ask help from Allah to rectify your Salah. Even if you follow all the methods mentioned above, yet nothing is possible without the help of Allah.

May Allah help us all to rectify our salah and enter Jannah. Aameen!

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  1. Nayeem Chowdhury

    I wanted to ask if one misses out 2 verses from a surah whilst in salah and only realises he missed the after. Is his salah valid?

    ————— ————- ———————–

    It depends in what you have missed. If meaning changes then repeat necessary
    Otherwise not

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