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11- Quranic Gem

11- Quranic Gem

‎ام يحسدون الناس علي ما اتاهم الله من فضله
“Or is it that they are jealous of people over what Allah has given them of his bounty.”

How should I behave when I see someone in a better condition? Or someone has something that I don’t have? Or someone’s child is more obedient than mine? Or someone has a better job than me? What’s my duty in a situation like this?

As a Muslim you should feel happy on such occasions for fellow Muslims and fellow humans alike. Because whatever he or she has is through the destiny of Allah. To have an enjoyment at someone else’s failure is a hypocritical reaction. Allah says regarding the hypocrites:
‎وإن منكم لمن ليبطئن فإن أصابتكم مصيبة قال قد أنعم الله علي إذ لم أكن معهم شهيدا ولئن أصابكم فضل من الله ليقولن كأن لم تكن بينكم وبينه مودة يا ليتني كنت معهم فأفوز فوزا عظيما

The meaning of the verse is that the believers used to go in the path of Allah and the hypocrites would stay behind laughing. When they used to hear that the Muslims are in difficulty they would say,”Allah has favoured me by keeping me behind”, and when they would gain victory the hypocrites would say, “I wish I was also present.”

Jealousy is very detrimental Rasulullah صلي الله عليه و سلم said,
‎اياكم و الحسد فان الحسد يأكل الحسنات كما تاكل النار الحطب
“Stay away from jealousy because it eats good deeds just like how fire burns sticks”

The first ever sin committed in the heavens was jealousy. Shaytan became jealous of Adam AS, that’s why he never prostrated before him. Because of which he was thrown out of heaven forever.

The first ever sin committed on earth was also jealousy. Qabel killed his brother Habel out of jealousy, because he wanted to marry the girl Habel got married to but Adam AS refused. And because Qabel is the first person to kill another, he will get the sin for all the unlawful killings which happen in the world till Qiyamah. All because of ‘Jealousy’.

One pious person said,
‎ان المؤمن يغبط و لا يحسد و المنافق يحسد و لا يغبط
A believer envies, he doesn’t harbour jealousy and a hypocrite is always jealous he doesn’t envy.
Envy means that a person just wishes for the bounty his opponent has, that’s it! Nothing else, whereas in jealousy the aim is that the opponent looses the bounty, whether I get it or not.

Qaroon was destroyed because of jealousy for his own cousin, the prophet Musa AS. This sickness increased so much that he tried disgracing Musa AS in every possible way he could, and Musa AS being a prophet (merciful to his ummah) couldn’t bare it anymore. Musa AS was forced to make Ba’d Dua against him and eventually he was swallowed by the earth.

A very elderly man was asked what’s your secret for a long life? He replied :
‎تركت الحسد فبقي الجسد
‘I stopped harbouring jealously because of which my health stays fine.’
Because a jealous person suffers from anxieties and becomes depressed.

May Allah protect us from the diseases of the heart, we should always have clean hearts. Rasulullah صلي الله عليه و سلم said, those whose hearts are clean will be with me in paradise.

Hazrat moulana Ahmed Sb Partabghari RA would say,
‎حسد کی آگ میں کیوں جھل رہے ہو
‎کفِ افسوس کیوں مٓل رہے ہو
‎خدا کے فیصلوں سے کیوں ہو ناراض
‎جہنم کی آگ میں کیوں جھل رہے ہو۔


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