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13- Quranic Gem

13- Quranic Gem

‎لئن شكرتم لأزيدنكم و لئن كفرتم ان عذابي لشديد
“If your are grateful I will increase you and if
you are ungrateful indeed my punishment is severe.”

To be grateful to Allah is not just saying Alhamdulillah, but rather it’s an attitude and the way you utilise the bounties of Allah.
‎و ان تعدو نعمة الله لا تحصوها
“If you were to count one bounty of Allah you won’t be able to”
Because one bounty consists of several bounties.

Allah said if you become a grateful servant ‘I’ will increase you, whereas in many places Allah uses ‘we’. That in itself is an honour!

Usually after the Arabic word ‘أزيد’, which means to increase, another word comes to clarify what will be increased.
The unique thing about this verse is that Allah didn’t specify what he will increase, he left it unspecified to show that if you are grateful I will increase you in everything. Allahu Akbar! NO LIMITS TO WHAT I WILL GIVE.

This Ayah is actually a part of a powerful sermon Musa AS was delivering to the Israelites after they crossed the sea. And most of these people were those who lost their children at the hands of pharaoh. So instead of telling them to be patient he was telling them to be grateful, he was telling them to look at the brighter side of things. Because if you are not grateful, you can’t be patient.

‎لئن كفرتم ان عذابي لشديد
This is not an ‘if and then’ sentence that if you are ungrateful then my punishment will definitely come upon you. But Allah said, “if you are ungrateful my punishment is severe”. Which means if Allah wills and when ever he wills he will punish you. Whereas in being grateful Allah said “I will definitely increase you”.
This in itself is a bounty to be grateful for!

So don’t be pessimistic, stop complaining, be grateful with what you have.


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