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15- Quranic Gem

15- Quranic Gem

‎تَتَجَافَىٰ جُنُوبُهُمْ عَنِ الْمَضَاجِعِ يَدْعُونَ رَبَّهُمْ خَوْفًا وَطَمَعًا وَمِمَّا رَزَقْنَاهُمْ يُنفِقُونَ

“Their sides remain apart from their beds. They call their Lord with fear and hope, and spend (in charity) out of what we have given to them.”

In this verse Allah is praising those who perform Tahajjud Salah. Indeed it’s a great blessing to stand before Allah in the darkness of the night. Tahajjud was the Sunnah of all the Ambiya AS. That’s why in one Hadith it comes,
‎عليكم بقيام الليل، فإنه دأب الصالحين قبلكم، وقربة إلى الله تعالى، ومنهاة عن الإثم، وتكفير للسيئات
“Hold fast to Tahsjjud because it’s the way of the pious before you, it’s a means of nearness to Allah, it protects the reader from sin and it expiates sins.”

In sura Zariyyat whilst praising the Muttaqeen Allah says,
‎كانوا قليلا من الليل ما يهجعون
“They used to sleep little at night”
Which means they use to stand in prayer.

After the 5 daily compulsory prayers, the best optional prayer is Tahajjud. It was Fardh upon the prophet then later on it became optional so that it wouldn’t become difficult upon the ummah.

My friends ONLY these good deeds will help us on the day of judgement, the day when no wealth, family, wife, husband, children, parents will be of no help. After the demise of Junaid Baghdadi RA, Jafar Khaldi RA saw him in a dream and asked, “How did Allah deal with you?” (Junaid was a great Saint, Sufi, Lecturer of his time) Junaid RA replied,
‎طاحت تلك العبارات وفنيت تلك الإشارات وما نفعنا إلا ركيعات ركعناها في جوف الليل
“All those profound phrases disappeared, those subtle signs were finished and nothing helped me except those few rakats I use to perform in the middle of the night.”
⚡Allahu Akbar! If that’s his condition what about me and you?

So, my friends start from today. Before we sit to eat sehri perform at least 2-4 rakats daily.

A message for my mothers/sisters:
Just like the menfolk need to toil and make an effort for jannah, you to have to do the same. Don’t make excuses that I have to get sehri, Iftari ready that’s why I can’t perform Tahajjud or recite Quran or make Dua, NO that’s wrong!
Wake Up! Start doing good deeds, these excuses will be of no help on the day of judgement.
Yes you have to fulfil the rights of your family, but theirs also the right of Allah which comes first.
So, when you wake up to prepare sehri, wake up 5 mins earlier and perform Tahajjud then go to the kitchen. At the time of Iftar, get everything ready, and 5 mins before azan sit for Dua.

‎قال ابن الجوزي: اذا جلست في الظلام بين يدي العلام فاستعمل اخلاق الاطفال فالطفل اذا طلب شيأ و لم يعطه بكي حتي اخذه
Ibnul Jawzi RA says, “when you sit in the darkness of the night infront your lord then become like a child because when a child desires something and they are not given it, they cry until they get what they want.”
So, cry at the tahajjud and ask Allah for your needs.
The Ummah is lacking from people who cry!

Shaykh Sadi says there was a pious man who had a debt, he was dying so the borrowers came and started to demand. He said I don’t have nothing to give you so just sit and wait. A child who was selling methai was walking pass. The pious called the child and bought some sweets to give the people. The child asked for money, he said I don’t have nothing you sit and wait aswell. The child started to cry saying my mother will shout at me. Upon seeing the child crying the people present also started to cry. After sometime, someone knocked on the door and gave a bag full of money saying it’s a gift for the pious man. The bag was full with silver coins. The pious man called each person and cleared his debts and what ever remained he gave to the child. After everyone dispersed, he stared thanking Allah for fulfilling his debts. He says in his Dua, “O Allah I knew your help will come, but why so late?” Reply came from the unseen, “I was ready to give but their was no one crying, when the child started to cry, my Mercy couldn’t bare to see him cry.”


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