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3- Quranic Gem


لا تحسبن الذين يفرحون بما اتو و يحبون ان يحمدو بما لم يفعلو

“Never think that those people are safe from the punishment who boast about what they do and who enjoy to be praised for what they did not do. They shall suffer a painful punishment.”

Nowadays everyone wants name and fame. Recognition is a wide spread disease. People want to be praised for things they don’t do.

Someone has beautifully said,

“It’s bad enough to seek recognition for something you did, can you imagine how wicked it is to seek recognition for something you didn’t do.”

If someone doesn’t retweet or doesn’t leave a comment or doesn’t show a ‘like’ 👍🏼 then we become grieved.

Whereas, people in the past used to keep diaries as a private book and nowadays the whole world has to know what me and you do!

Allah grant us sincerity in all our actions

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