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 4- Quranic Gem

4- Quranic Gem

و احضرت الانفس الشح
“Selfishness (coupled with greed) has been made present in the souls.”

One of the tragedies in the Ummah is greed for more. Wanting more and more all the time. Never being satisfied with what Allah has given you.

Below are some sayings of Rasulullah صلي الله عليه و سلم,
لو كان لابن آدم واديا من ذهب أحب ان يكون له واديان و لن يملأ فاه الا التراب
“If the son of Adam was to be given a valley full of gold, he would wish for 2 (and his greed continues). And nothing could stop his want except the soil of the grave.”

اتقوا الشح فإن الشح أهلك من كان قبلكم، أمرهم بالقطيعة فقطعوا، وأمرهم بالبخل فبخلوا، وأمرهم بالفجور ففجروا رواه ابو دَاوُدَ
“Stay away from greed, because this greed is the thing which destroyed those before you. It made them cut off ties of kin and it made them become miser and it made them do sins.”

اتقوا الشح فإن الشح أهلك من كان قبلكم حملهم على أن سفكوا دمائهم واستحلوا محارمهم رواه مسلم
“Stay away from greed, because this greed destroyed those before you. It made them kill one another and they made haram things halal.”

Allah says in the Quran,
الهاكم التكاثر
“Gathering wealth (with greed) had destroyed you.”

Allah mentions the story of a person who came to Rasulullah and said make Dua for me that Allah grants me abundance of wealth. Rasulullah said, be complacent with what Allah has given you. The man continued asking and eventually Rasulullah made the Dua for him. Allah granted him Barakah in his cattle. He slowly slowly begins to miss salah with Jama’ah, then slowly started missing Jumma. In that time Allah revealed the verses of Zakah. Rasulullah sent someone to collect it from him, but he denied saying its tax. Allah revealed the verses regarding him,

فاعقبهم نفاقا في قلوبهم الي يوم

The cure for this greed is to be content قناعة with what Allah has given you. A very beautiful Dua has been narrated,

اللهم قنّعني بما رزقتني و لا تذهب طلبي الي شيء صرفته عني
“O Allah! Make me content with what you gave me and don’t make me wish for something which you turned away from me.”

Rasulullah says,
قد أفلح من أسلم، ورُزق كفافًا، وقنَّعه الله رواه مسلم
“The one who becomes a Muslim and has been given enough sustenance and Allah has made him content, indeed has gained success.”

Imam Shafiee RA has beautifully said,
العبد حر إن قَنَعْ
والحرُّ عبدٌ إن طمع
فاقنعْ ولا تطمعْ فلاَ
شيءٌ يشينُ سوى الطمع
A slave is free as long as he is content,
A free person is a slave when he is greedy,
So, be content and don’t be greedy. Theres nothing which disgraces a person more than greed.

So, be content with what Allah has given you and don’t have greed for more. When ever the desire for more comes, think about those who have less than you or those who have nothing, this is from the teachings of Rasulullah صلي الله عليه و سلم,
انظروا الي من هو أسفل منكم و لا تنظروا الي من هو فوقكم فهو أجدر الا تزدروا نعمة الله عليكم رواه مسلم
وفي رواية البخاري‏:‏ ‏”‏إذا نظر أحدكم إلى من فضل عليه في المال والخلق، فلينظر إلى من هو أسفل منه‏”‏‏.‏
“Look at those who are inferior to you and do not look at those who are superior to you, for this will keep you from belittling Allah’s Favour to you.” (Muslim)

When one of you looks at someone who is superior to him in property and appearance, he should look at someone who is inferior to him”. (Bukhari)



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