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Q743: Regrading where is ALLAH???


As Salaam ‘Alaikum,
I have come across some salafis who say that Allah is only on arsh.
When i say to them that is everywhere at not on arsh alone then they ask very disgusting questions which i even feel ashamed to write.
So Sheikh please help me get of this confusion and set my Aqeedah right.
Jazak Allah Khair


Walaikumussalam w w

This is a very common question of the extremist salafees. We have always tried to avoid discussing about mutashaabihaat. The opening verses of surah Ale Imran indicate that it is the habit of those who have crookedness in their hearts to follow the mutashabihaat. The salafees love indulging in these nusoos, so it is they who have crookedness in their hearts and thus, unlike the real salafe saliheen, they always talk about these things.

It seems that they have gone too far. Now that they have lost the debates in furooee masaail, they have intensified their attacks from the aqeedah side.

Ask them if Allah is on the Arsh, then what about the Hadith of the slave girl which says that He is in the sky? According to their aqeedah, he can’t be in both places. He is either on the Arsh or in the sky!

What about the many verses which clearly state that “He is with you wheresoever you may be”? If he does some ta’weel in those ayaat, ask why similar ta’weel cannot be done about the nusoos of Arsh and sky. If he insults Allah then this should make your blood boil, and you should seek some help in driving such insane, gustaakh people away from our masajid.

To read more about the correct aqeedah, read the tafseer of the aayah “And We are more closer to him than his jugular vein” (surah qaaf)

You can listen to it’s tafseer on this site, if you understand Urdu.


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