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9- Quranic Gem

9- Quranic Gem

‘What to do at the time of Sin’
‎قال معاذ الله انه ربي أحسن مثواي انه لا يفلح الظالمون
When Zulaikha seduced Yusuf AS and they were both in a locked room of the palace, Yusuf AS said:”I seek refuge with Allah, he is my master. He has given me a good lodging, the wrongdoers do not prosper.”

From this verse we learn 3 simple steps to take at the time of an evil thought of sin:
1. Seek refuge in Allah, tell Allah to protect you from sin because لا حول و لا قوة الا بالله ‘Their’s no strength to stay away from sin and their’s no power to do good, except from Allah’. Don’t delay in turning to him.
2. Remember the bounties of Allah upon you, Yusuf AS remembered that Allah protected him from the evil of the brothers and granted him an abode in the palace of the King. So, you too! Remember that Allah made you a Muslim, granted you Quran, gave you food, clothing, parents, family, wealth, good job, honour, luxuries etc. It’s natural that when a person thinks about the favours of another upon him then he try’s not to disobey him out of shame.
3. Remember the outcome of the sin, Yusuf AS said that when a person commits a sin he becomes a wrongdoer and wrongdoers don’t gain success. So, the final abode of such people is the fire of hell. Committing sin doesn’t get anyone anywhere except that his life gets more miserable. Their’s no Barakah in his livelihood even though he has so much. He looses respect in the eyes of people. And the list can continue. When a person commits a sin, it has a bad effect both physically and spiritually, in this world and the hereafter. Just remember on a side note that when a person commits a sin, his desire is not fulfilled, but rather his desire to do that same sin increases, because this world is limited and the only place a person can fulfil his desire to the optimum, is Jannah.

Also, use the means Allah has given you to stay away from the sin because Yusuf AS didn’t just stay seated, he ran and because of his running Allah opened the doors for him.
Someone has beautifully said that Yusuf AS was running towards the door and Zulaikha also ran behind him but they were both running for different reasons,
‎فيوسف يستبق الي الجنة و زليخا تستبق الي النار فالأول يستبق من الزنا و الثاني تستبق الي الزنا
“Yusuf was running towards paradise and Zulekha was running towards the fire because he was running from Zina and she was running towards Zina.”

May Allah protect us from all sins and may he give us the same spiritual power and strength Yusuf AS had. Ameen

‎قال ابن الجوزي رحمه الله في كتابه صيد الخاطر : مشقة الطاعة تذهب ويبقى ثوابها وأن لذة المعاصي تذهب و يبقى عقابها
Ibnul Jowzi RA says, the difficulty a person goes through to obey Allah will go but the reward will remain and the difficulty a person goes through in doing sin will also go but the bad outcome will remain.


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