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Advice for waswasa

Dear hazrat, assalamu alaykum ww. I hope all is well. A couple of issues: increasingly i am getting questions from youth having doubts in deen etc. Any advice on how to respond in a way to draw them closer? Also a number of alim class students have been asking questions about tazkiyah etc. To help them ive started taleem of irshadul muluk with brief explanation once a month. Any advice in that area? Jazakumullahu khairan ahsanal jaza. Dua requested. Wassalam.

Doubts have no limits. They are of two types
1 based on some strong daleel,we can give jawab of that with daleel Eg the explanation in the Hadith of ولدت امرأتي غلاما اسود.
2 thoughts which come and go, there is no cure for them. We should advice the students not to pay any attention to them, as they are just whisperings of Satan, they will only increase if we think about them. Just teach them to read
استغفر الله،
لا حول و لا قوة الا بالله،
If they understand, ok, otherwise leave them, there is no cure for a muwaswis.

For tazkiyah, regular majaalis of zikr can be very beneficial. Ta’leem should also be regular even if it’s only for a few minuites, once a month is not enough. At least khatme khajgan dua and nd zikr should be done with punctuality.

May Allah give you Barkat, taraqqi, accept ur khidmaat and be pleased with you. Wassalam

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