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Call of duty, for the Ulema

Rasulullallah sallallahu alayhi wasallam says: “The reliable ones from every coming generation will carry this knowledge forward. They will repel the twisting of the exaggerators, the misinterpretation of the ignorants and the wrong attribution of false claimants.” (Ahmed, Ibn Hibban)

This Hadith puts a great responsibility on the shoulders of those who have acquired ilm. They have to guard the ilm and pass it on to the following generations in the purest manner.

We see that our akaabir did this to the best of their abilities. They confronted all Baatil firqas, and exposed rogue personalities. They protected the Deen. Allah gave them maqbooliyyat and mahboobiyyat. (Acceptance and love). Allah preserved their legacy which remain with us to this date.

When we see entertainers and performers acting as great muftees and revivers, we need to speak up. Just as Amr bil Ma’roof is wajib, so is Nahi anil Munkar. In fact Nahi anil Munkar is more rewarding because in Amr bil Ma’roof, there could be some hazze nafs as well, whereas in Nahi anil Munkar there is no share for the ego, rather it’s the opposite. The ego is crushed because of the abuse one has to suffer when doing islaah.

Munkar is of two types, one is practical disobedience, and that can be divided into two categories: secret and open. If people sin secretly in their homes, it’s non of our business. We can’t spy on them. They have the intellect, they should behave properly, they should adopt a life of Taqwa and realise that they will have to stand before Allah swt on the day of judgement. For this, we have to remind them from the pulpit and create an environment of Taqwa and piety.

As for the ones committed in open, we have to speak out and eradicate them to the best of our ability. If not possible, we should at least feel their abhorrence in our hearts. This is the lowest part of Iman. This can be like the khurafaat in weddings etc.

The second Munkar is, of bid’at, innovations in Deen. When we talk about bid’at we think of teeja, chaaliswaan, Barsi, and Urs etc. However, bid’at is a very broad word. It includes anything and everything that is invented to corrupt the Deen.

If we get so called scholars corrupting the Deen, we have to speak up. If they say things that contradict the principles of Deen, we are not allowed to remain silent. Where the structure of Deen is affected, aqeeda is attacked, pious predecessors are vilified, mockery is made of religious texts, and the zaahiri appearance of such people is also against the requirements of sunnah, then it becomes all the more important to expose such persons.

We try our best not to say anything bad about anyone. But there comes a time when we see that many students, and even some young graduates are affected by certain ideologies and certain personalities, then we have no choice but to expose them.

We need to keep on top of all the fitnas that keep appearing. We need to strengthen our connection with Allah swt. First we need 3 things, ilm Amal & ikhlaas. Knowledge, practice & sincerity. We need to study hard, put in to practice what we learn, and do everything just for the sake of Allah.

We also need to be punctual of our adhkaar, and ma’moolaat. Ramadhan is around the corner. We have to be prepared. We have to get into the system of reciting Quran as much as possible in order to be ready for taraweeh and tahajjud. We need to increase our duas for the ummah. Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is with them.

This is why the burden is more on the shoulders of ulema than on anyone else. May Allah give us the ability to be prepared, remain steadfast, and to create within us the ability by which we can carry others along the path. Ameen

Someone sent me a clip of two such scholars sitting in a café, munching on pizzas, and talking about delicate masaail like the punishment for apostasy. They were debating with their own logic and with total disregard for what the fuqahaa and mujtahideen have deduced over the past 14 centuries. They were in actual fact competing with the likes of the the huge legends of the past. In reality they are both jaahils of the worst type.

They fail to realise that hudood are for Darul Islam, where there is a qaadhi and proper procedures are taken before carrying out any shar’ee hadd. So it’s total nonsense talking about them in Darul Aman. Full stop.
May Allah give them hidayat. Ameen

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