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Q776: Do we have to say Ameen whenever we hear Surah Fatiha or is it only limited to Salat?


Do we have to say Ameen whenever we hear Surah Fatiha or is it only limited to Salat?


In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful

Ameen should be said whenever one reads Surah Fatiha and also when one hears another person read it.

Imam Bukhari (RA) has narrated on the authority of Abu Hurairah (RA) that Rasulullah (SAW) said

“When a person says ameen the angels also say Ameen and if his Ameen coincides with the Ameen of the angels his previous sins will be forgiven”
(Sahih Al Bukahri Hadeeth No.781)

In the narration of Muslim it is stated

“When the recitor says Ameen then say ameen….”

Hafiz Bin Hajar says in Fathul Bari that the first Hadith shows that Ameen should be said when reciting Surah Fatiha whether in Salah or not and the second one shows that Ameen should be said when hearing the Surah whether in Salah or not.

The meaning of Ameen is “O Allah accept!” so whenever Surah Fatiha is recited or heard Ameen should be said,  also during duas ameen should be said with conviction.

It is narrated in a Hadith in Sunan Abu Dawood

“Jibraeel taaught me to say Ameen at the end of Fatiha and he said it is like the seal for a letter”

And Allah knows best

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    Why is it, most, if not all of the Asain (Indian Sub-Continent) Masjid’s dont say Aameen loud enough, even for the people who are immediately next to them in salah to hear

    Also the Arab Masjid’s and Ahle-Hadith or Salafi Masjid’s say aameen loud enough for the people who are next to them in salah to hear.

    I would very much appreciate if you could simply tell me if we should say aameen loudly or not.

    The hadiths that you have displayed regarding saying aameen are very good, jazakallaho khair.

    1. (@Kunhahammed)

      1. It is desirable to say Ameen whenever you hear Surah Fatiha because it is a dua, and this will be the case with all duas. Whenever dua is made, join in and say ‘Ameen’. Whenever a group of people gather and one of them makes dua and others say’Ameen’, Allah accepts their dua – this is in the hadith.

      2. According to Imam Abu Hanifa’s research and Imam Malik’s research, it would be more desirable to say it silently. This was the practise of the majority of the Sahabah radiallahu anhum. According to the research of Imam Shafiee and Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, it is better to say it with a soft voice. No one allows screaming in the masjid.

      (Shaykh) Abdur Raheem

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