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Female Circumcision From a Muslim Doctor

The western media has made a big fuss about female circumcision and called it Female genital mutilation. However, what they don’t tell us is that the commonest operation done for non medical reason in the uk for women’s private parts is an operation fancifully called clitoral hood reduction and labioplasty!!

Having spoken few years ago to Malay shafii doctors where most girls have circumcision as a girl, they tell me this is exactly what the western plastic surgeon and gynaecologist do during clitoral hood reduction and labioplasty – young girls from 14 years to ladies of 45 are paying £1500-2500 to have this done privately and is also done in the NHS. If you google the word clitoridotomy or clitoral hood reduction and labioplasty – first few results are privately advertised clinics where these ‘operations’ are done by GMC certified doctors!!!

One gynaecologist told me he does about 5- 10 a week privately and takes home £800 to £1000 per patient as his fees!

The article (1) below is by an African lady but gives us insight of the apparent double standard- apologies as it is long but is very insightful. She had classical circumcision and witnessed the above operation on tv and writes boldly about how what her grandmother did on her and used to do as female circumcision and the operation she witnessed are same.

Sadly, Of course female genital mutilation where women have their private parts disfigured does happen in Africa and I have seen patients who cannot pass urine and stools properly because of this or cannot have babies but that is not what Prophet ﷺ taught us.

Please read these article below in sha Allah. There are no forbidden pictures in the article except patient in gown in bbc article but without any nudity.

Ulama of Haq should be aware of this double standard.


2. Bbc article about this operation

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