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My Haj experience

My experiences with regards to last year’s Haj.

By Aysha
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Yesterday I had a phone call from a friend I made in hajj. Talking to her reminded me of my last Haj and inspired me to share her story!

I’d like to start with the name of Allah and I pray the story can be An eye opener for us all اِنْشَاءَالله.

Here goes!
I had a days notice before I was told that Allah had chosen me to visit His blessed house and perform the pilgrimage. Many thoughts were going through my head, how will I do it Without a female family member? Will I make friends?

I kept reassuring myself that Allah had chosen me to take this journey so all negative thoughts must be put away! We were now ضيوف الرحمن and Allah will look after us.

A lesson I learnt here was when Allah wants something for a person even thought it may seem Absolutely impossible, it will occur no matter what!!

In a day my passport went for visa, ticket was booked, I packed and I was travelling with my dad.

The coincidence was that jus a few weeks before, I was teaching one of my students the ins and Outs of hajj, the Duas, method ect. It was as if Allah swt was preparing me to undertake the journey and little did I know!

As we travelled to Saudi الحمد لله I began talking to many people, the group members were extremely friendly and welcoming. As time went by, we went for Tawaafs together, Namaz together, to eat together and we became one big family!

A friend then told us she was pregnant and had not realised prior to booking which left her no choice but to come.

She was told to lookafter herself, not over do anything and be careful. الحمد لله the days of hajj went perfectly fine and with good support she did very well.

This friend of mine once told me that she always wanted a connection to madina shareef!

Once we entered madina sharif, we wore our new clothes, went for Namaz, the atmosphere was amazing!

This was the mosque of our beloved prophet and the city in which he resided for many years!

We all made intention to pray 40 salaah with takbeere oola. Alhamdulillah, we would rush to namaaz half an hour early just to avoid lift rush, crowds and toilet fights!

As we were coming to the end of our 40 Namazes, one day my friend did not respond to my knock on the door and I realised she was not in!
She’s gone out and it’s Namaz time!! She’s going to miss her salaah!!! We all panicked!

We left for salaah without her.
I had thoughts In my head as to why she wasn’t available! But I let it go.
When we returned I was told by a group member that she had miscarried her baby yesterday in the blessed city of madina and was in the hospital!

I was so upset , I couldn’t believe what had happened! I was thinking about all them people saying I told you so not to over do it and rest! I was Thinking what my friend was going through and it was as though I was going thought her pain! She was so excited about becoming a mother, we even give a khajoor for tehneek to a shaykh who came to our hotel! Little did we know the decree of Allah! Whatever is written in our taqdeer will occur!

I texted my friend several times to see how she was, I was scared to meet her! I was thinking how would I console her grieving over her miscarried child! How could I in any possible way make her feel any better!

When I did meet her she told me what had happened, how she realised what was going to happen.
She then began to say, how can I grieve over something Allah had written for me? How can I sit here and cry over what Allah had ordained to happen! It is taqdeer! اِنْشَاءَالله Allah has better plans for us! And what better place could this happen in but madina shareef! And how do I not know that Allah waited till we came to madina shareef before he took this child, just so the child would be taken in the city of the Prophet! And اِنْشَاءَالله I have hope that Allah will اِنْشَاءَالله one day bless me with a child when the time is right!

Subhanallah her yaqeen was such! This was a women that had just mis carried a child! She was so strong and was firm on the belief that whatever Allah does is for a reason and if he wishes to do something he will do so, regardless of what we think! She did not ask for sympathy nor did she need a shoulder to cry on, she had trust in Allah and that is what took her through it!

So my friend did get her connection to madina shareef!
There is a lesson to be learnt from this and I hope we can all benefit اِنْشَاءَالله

Many a times we will be faced with difficulties in life, we will feel as if we can no longer go on.. But at all times we should remember Allah swt is the best of planners and He will take us out of this Difficulty. We need to build such a strong relationship with our Lord which will result in these difficulties being minute.

I pray Allah give us full yaqeen and trust as my friend had, Allah takes us to his blessed land soon and Allah blesses my friend and other hopefuls with many pious offspring.

Ameen . Wassalam

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