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Q40: Can Women become to Allah what men can become? (3 questions)


Assalamu-alaikum. My question is as follows:

In this deen I find that men have been given more outstanding, high ranking, note worthy opportunities and chances in reaching close to Allah and his rasul (s.a.w). As a result I find that they will always be much more spiritually elevated than that of women. E.g. Suhbat (companionship) with the auliyaa is imperative for moral reformation and spiritual elevation. Today, we see that there are no such chances like that available for women as oppose to the men. E.g 2- There are so many great Buzrooks and Sheikhs that we know of today, there are even those special class of auliyaa- the abdaals that exist.

Q1- how come none of the above are not heard of being from the women? Is it that these statuses before Allah is completely impossible to be held by women OR is it that ALL of what men can become (AS STATED ABOVE) before Allah it is also possible by women but just the women are more private so it is unheard of?

Q2- I know that the woman’s job is to mainly look after the children and look after the husband as well as obedience to him and this may be sufficient for her to attain jannah… however this is in no way EQUAL to the lofty ranks that men can attain as stated before and it seems to be a bit unjust and a defect when it comes to being given an equal and fair chance in attaining spiritual piety as such opportunities are not available to us.

I also know that women have the great gift and rewards of motherhood… however, this is common with all women (that is, all/the majority of women can be mothers) whereas men have exclusive gifts ( for e.g 40 special men are given the gift of being abdaals or few people are great sheiks and buzrooks) women however have no exclusive opportunities opened up for them.

This is very discouraging for me because in today’s society a woman can be whatever a man can become even presidentship. However in this deen it seems as though women are being limited to a disadvantage and are not getting a fair chance, as the men can lets say reach the top in spiritual elevation as 100% whereas the women can only reach let’s say reach 70%. (Metaphorically speaking)

Q3- can the women ever become before allah whatever the men can become. If not then Why have the women not being given such equal opportunities. Are we defected or not good enough? Are we doomed for failure? Is this the possible meaning of the quraan 2:28 –men are a degree above them. Also -…I looked at hell and saw the majority as women. (bukhari) Can the women ever be religiously superior to the men? Can the woman ever hold great and lofty positions in Islam like the men of sheikhs, buzrooks and abdaal ship?


Jazakallah for your detailed questions.

There have been many such as Rabia Basriyya in the past. Read their biographies and increase your imaan.

1) You are right. Women have always been more private. In fact, even the men among the Salaf used to hide their Ibaadat. It is more distant from Riya (ostentation, showing off) and much closer to Ikhlaas (Sincerity).

2) Don’t be affected by the society. Societies change. Even in this day and age if you look around other countries and cultures, you will find many differences. To Allah, all creation are the same. The most honourable to Him are the most Muttaqi, whether men or women. So fulfil your duties to Allah and your duties to the creation of Allah (i.e. Huqooqullah and Huqooqul Ibaad) and you can become the closest to Allah.

If you want more spiritual elevation, get Bay’at to a Sheikh, show punctuality upon Ma’moolaat and gain progress. Find a Muttabie Sunnat Sheikh locally, if not do Istikharah, Allah will open the way for you.

3) Women can become more superior to men in the eyes of Allah. Look at Maryam (A.S.), Aasiya (A.S), Khadija Radiyallahu Anha, Fatima Radiyallahu Anha and Aisha Radiyallahu Anha and the many pious women of this Ummah. In fact many women’s rank in Jannah will be higher than their husbands.

Women can hold high positions like big Buzrughs. Khawaja Muinuddeen Chisti Rahmatullahi Alayhi gave Khilafat to his daughter as well. She used to take care of the ladies who used to become his mureedas.

We have many madressas in this country for girls, which are run by Apaas. Their one goal is Allah’s pleasure. Allah has taken a lot of deeni work from them.

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