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Q45: Spilrit and Spirit vinegar, 0.01 Percent Alcohol in foods and Is it true about a woman who does not cover her hair, Shaytaan will pee on her on Qiyaamah?


  1. What is the difference between splirit and spirit vinegar can we eat readymade food which add this
  2. Food with 0.01% alcohal is it jais to eat
  3. Our elder women say that a woman who does not cover her hair at any time the shytaan pees on her and on judgement day he will smeel the woman’s hair and find out who his wife is


  1. Vinegar is made from vine. However, since the maahiyat (Reality) changes, it is halal. Ready made food with them is allowed.
  2. The Alcohol used in their is normally artificial and not the one that intoxicates the mins, and therefore that food is halal.
  3. This is a myth. There is no reality to it.

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