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Q136: Swapping cars – Transaction halal?


Assalamu Alaikum Dear Shiekh,

I wanted to ask, is the following transaction Halal:

Person A has a car of a high value; person B has a car of lower value – can person B swap his car with person A and also give a some extra money in cash to make it fair? Essentially is swapping an item of high value with another item of lower value + cash Halal?

JazakAllah khairun for your great Khidmah of the Ummah.

Wassallamu alaikum


Yes, it is allowed. The prohibition comes to effect in gold, silver, money and goods of similar type sold in weight or measure. E.g. Barley, salt, sugar, dates, etc. When exchanging one for the other, they both have to be of the same weight or measure, no matter how much they differ in value or quality. Cars don’t fall into that category.

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