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Q319: Questions about the black stone on the Kaaba sharif


  1. Is there ayat/hadith about the black stone?
  2. Did the beloved prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam ever kiss the black stone with his mubarak mouth?
  3. Is the black stone today the same one that came from Jannat?
  4. If one kisses the black stone, is this means that garunteed all his sins are 100% definatly forgiven?
  5. Will a person be held account to all their life before they kissed the black stone on judgement day on is this all wiped clean and forgiven?
  6. Can you push people/put your arm out/block in order to get to kiss the black stone as sometimes this is the only option because its too crowded?
  7. If one goes Hajj/Umrah and doesnt get chance to kiss the black stone, then is their sins forgiven?



  1. Yes, plenty of ahaadeeth:
    • “Hajar Aswad came down when it was whiter than milk, then the sins of the children of Adam blackened it.”
    • “Hajar Aswad will speak on the Day of Qiyamat and testify on behalf of those who kissed it.”
  2. Yes, he did kiss it with his blessed mouth.  Sayyiduna Umar radiallahu anhu kissed it and said: “If I had not seen Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam kiss you, Iwould never have kissed you.”
  3. Yes, it is the same one.
  4. Sins are of two types – major and minor.  For major sins, you have to repent and give them up completely; minor sins are washed away by good deeds – so kissing Hajar Aswad will wash away the minor sins and if the person repents completely, shows regret and asks Allah for forgiveness, then hopefully his major sins will also be forgiven, otherwise no.  Huqooqul ibaad will also not be forgiven.  If a person owed someone some money, he will have to pay it back.  Also, those huqooqullah which can be fulfilled will have to be fulfilled, e.g. qaza namaz, qaza roza, qaza zakat, etc.
  5. Hisaab will be taken, then it will be up to Allah to decide.
  6. No, you can’t.  kssing Hajar Aswad is sunnat and fighting over it is haraam, so you will not be permitted to do something haraam in order to get to a sunnah.
  7. Istilaam from a distance is equal to kissing.  The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam was unable to kiss it in Hajjatul Wadaa because he was performing tawaaf while riding on a camel, so he touched it with his walking stick and kissed the stick.  Similarly, if that is not possible, then point towards it with both hands and then kiss the hands.

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  1. Kully


    1.)regarding huqooqul ibaad, if the person you owed a small amount of money to, for a kitab you bought from them, if they are absent,and live in another city now,and it would be difficult to get to them, can we repay that debt by giving it as sadaqah to poor? or how do we pay that debt back?

    2.) If a woman is wearing a veil and she kisses her hands through her veil is her istilam of hajar e aswad counted? Similarly in farz salaat when she does sujood, and her nose touches the ground via the veil, is her namaz valid?

    Please reply when suitable.
    Please make dua Allah keeps me on istiqaamat on siraat e mustaqeem and grants me barkat in my imaan, jaan, n maal.


    ——————- ——————– ——————–

    Waikumussalam w w

    1) Try your best to return the money. If there is no way of finding the rightful owner, you could do Sadaqah on their behalf and hope that they will forgive you on the day of qiyamah, because you did them a favour by doing the Sadaqah for them.

    2) The istilam and sujood will both be valid.

    May Allah bless us all with istiqmat upon sirate mustaqeem.

    Pls remember me in your duas too. I’m in need of them. Jazakallah Wassalam

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