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Q466: meaning of la'natullahi alayhi

Question- What does lanatulahi alayh mean?

Answer- ‘lanatulahi alayh’ means ‘May the curse of Allah be on him’. This should not be said except regarding someone who’s death upon Kufr is known with certainty e.g. Firaun, Abu Jahl and Iblees etc.

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  1. Mansour al-llah

    Provide evidence that lanatullahi alayh should only be said on someone who’s death upon kufr is known with certainty.

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    Do you know the evidence for every mas’ala? If no, and you don’t have the capacity to gather all the evidence, then have some faith in those who are telling you the mas’ala; that they are guiding you not misleading you.

    A mufti’s duty is to tell the mas’ala. If the enquirer wants to accept, he may do so. But a mufti cannot be forced to give the daleel.

    If you feel that I am a learned person and I proclaim the Haq, then trust me.

    Now, this is not putting blind faith in a blind person, rather it’s putting faith in someone who can see things with a clear conscious.

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