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Q504: does injection break the fast?

Question: can you take medication in the form of injections while fasting? Will it break the fast?

Answer: Such injections are allowed during the fast, and the fast does not break.
This is because the medicine does not directly go into the stomach or the brain, so it’s like a snake bite which does not break the fast.

However, if the injection went direct into the stomach, like a stroke victim who can’t swallow food so a tube is fitted to his throat, and liquid food is given to him through that tube, then that would break the fast.

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  1. Ali Asghar Shah

    Salamunalaykum Shaykh,

    Does using Anti-Rabies vacine which now is used on the arm like any normal tetnus shot. Would it break the fast. The injection is intra -Muscular as as per new protocol used on the arms and not stomach.

    Waiting for your answer and since it is the blessed month of Ramadan. Shaykh do remember us in your duas.


    ‘Ali Shah

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