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Q568: A question regarding Arabic grammar

Question: Dear Shaykh,
My question is in relation to an issue in Arabic language.
I was wondering if you could explain to me any reason as to why sometimes in Arabic, we find the following types of sentence structures:
“Zaydun Aboohu [email protected]
Whereas the meaning of it both in Urdu and English would be the same translation of:
“Aboo Zaydin Qaa-imun”
What is the difference in the intended meaning of the two different structures in Arabic?
I believe books like Mukhtasarul Ma’ani would discuss this? Could you direct me to any other books in the subject of Ma’ani?
JazakAllahu Khairaa
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Assalamu Alaikum
In the first sentence there is Badal and Mubdal Minhu and the second one has a Mudhaf and Mudhaf Ilayhi, when the emphasis is need to be made on the person because he is someone special e.g prime minister his name is brought first, however, when emphasis needs to be made on his action or on another person, he is brought first

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