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Q600: A salafi sister keeps criticising my salah

A salafi sister keeps criticising the way I pray. especially about sajdah, that I put my arms on the ground like a dog, I have showed her a ahadeeth as she asked me and she showed some ahadeeth too and she claims they are Saheeh, but I did not ask for any.
I told her a women’s namaz/Salah is different to a mans and it is best to ask a scholar/Aalim, if you have any issues as there are so many various narrations and only a scholar would know more. I further told her that we only know one portion. I told her a women’s salah is all about concealment.

Answer: Please watch my video regarding this matter- Are there Differences in the Salah of men and women?

The salafi sisters actions are out of character, sahabas nd sahabiyyaat had diffrent opinions but they never vilified the the other person. They would respect the other person and had great love for one another.

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  1. Ali Asghar Shah

    Saalaamunalaykum Shaykh,

    Shaykh i and my friends had a healthy debate with Ahle hadith/salafi people in delhi.

    The topics were;

    1. Position of placing hands; We stated that doing qabd below navel and above navel and below chest is proven from Sunnah and Muhadithin have regardedd it as sahih and hasan also.

    He stated only on chest is permissible and then i told him it is narrated from Abdullah ibn zubair r.a about letting hands let loose he said it is sahih , then i told him this stands against your opinino, he said it is not about placing hands so it does nto contradict my statment.

    He is ahle hadith and says ,has done his phd in hadith from Madinah Tayyiba.

    If you can provide me the isnad of the haditsh where hanafi and shafi’i posiiton is proven with regard to its authenticity level as graded bvy Muhadithin and references it would be very nice shaykh, they are asking for references.

    I told him that as per Imam Muslim hands should be placed below the chest and above the navel. This is the chapter he established, i said this is what he took out from the hadith on this issue. He said Baab is not written by Imam Muslim.

    Second issue was about Tarawih: I told him that there is Ijmaa of aimma Arbaa and ulema of ahle sunnah that tarawih is 20 rakats and Hazrat Umar r.a and hazrat Uthman and hazrat Ali r.anhuma all said 20 rakas, i gave him reference to fata of shah abdul aziz dehlwi r.a iin fataw azizi. and also the ijmaa i referred the fatawaa of shaykh abdul haqq dehlwi r.a. They do not find it worth accepting.

    This is height of ignorance shaykh!.

    He gave me reference from Muwataa of Imam Malik r.a that qiyam ul lail has prayed and orderd to be prayed as 11 rakats , this was what Umar faruq r.a told to ubayy ibn kaab r.a. Then the next hadithspeaks of 23 rakats in tarawih including witr but he said it is munqati hadith and munqati hadith whcih has a link missing between a tbaii’n and sahabi is not sahih but daeef. What shalli tell me shaykh

    I told him that Imam Malik referred to 70 ulema of Ahle madinah before teaching this book and making it go in circulation. He is not ready t listen to this.

    Why do they regard that hadith daeef which has an answer to their quesitons.

    Also lastly we discussed about legitemacy of Talid , he says that taqlid is only of Prophet saws, i said yes we follow Prophet saws only , but the usual of quran and Hadith whcih these aimma understand from it, and its tafsir and explanation with respect to different situations is what is called fiqh, the compilations of many fatawas on issues which needs level of ijtihad and everyone is not able to do ijtihad.

    I also named him muhadithin such as Imam Muslim, Imam tirmidhi, imam abu dawood, Imam nisaai that they were muqalidin mostly shafi’i. He said it is not correct.

    Shaykh i need your help to refute these salafis, i am in delhi, this all happend in Shaheen Masjid in jamai nagar, okhla, New Delhi. The masjid itself was of Ahle hadith.

    I gave references to verdict of Shah Waliyullah r.a on legitemacy of Taqlid and he says he made an error , he can make mistakes, i said lesser than you all.

    He also belittled the Maqam of Sayyidina Ali r.a. I told him about the sources of Hanafi fiqh and he said that Hazrat Ali r.a khilafah was full of fitnah, it is true there were fitans but it in no way subtracts from his level of knowledge and hihg level of ijtihad he had.

    Hazrat Umar Faruq r.a said If Ali were not there Umar would have been ruined”. He said this is not a correct saying.

    I also narrated about hadith of Abdullah ibn Masud r.a on rafayadain, he did nto pay hed to it, he kept on telling me about Imam Bukhari r.a’s verdict on rafayadain i told him he also was agaisnt the restlessness at tashauud which these salafios do always moving their finger.

    Shaykh please provide your answer which i can give to them, we have a meeting with them on enxt week. If you have in your knowledge any scholar in delhi , who can help us talk to them, it would be rgeat .

    Shaykh many people and youth are turnignt othem. I am saddened to see thIS STATE.

    Please provdie references and isnad Shaykh.

    If you want you can email the lengthy answer ot me or write your reply here itself.

    Waiting for your reply.

    Wasalamualaykum Warahmatullah

    ‘Ali Shah

    ————– ————— ———————————————

    Walalikumussalam w w

    Your query is in need of an exhaustive research. Ramazan is a busy time. I have a lot of running around to do. So please excuse me for the time being.

    Your best bet is to contact mufti Faruq Saheb in meerath, which is not far from Delhi. His jameah mahmoodiyya is on hapoor road. He recently held a conference for these masaail which you have just mentioned.

    His contact no is as follows: 0121 276 8334

    One word of advice. Don’t waste too much time behind these extremist salafees. They don’t want to accept the truth, so, go up to a limit then leave them alone.

    May Allah reward you for your efforts. Wassalam

  2. Muadh Khan

    Asslamo Allaikum

    1) The Ahadeeth about placing the hands on the chest are weak as discussed by Shaykh (Mufti) Mangera Saheb (DB) here:

    The technical arguments of Salafees countered here:

    Shaykh Ibn Qayyim (RA) student of Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah (RA) confirmed the authenticity of placing the hands below the Navel and the text and scan is here:

    2) The technical evidence of 20 Rakaat Taraweeh being Sunnah is discussed here in detail with acknowledgements from Salafi Scholars:

    3) The issue of Taqleed has been dealt with here and Salaf arguments refuted in detail:

    Jazakullah Khairun

    ——————————— ——————————————–

    Jazakallah to you for those beautiful references.

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