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Q614: Advice and dua for driving test

Question: hazrat

I have now failed two practical driving tests

I feel so gutted and worried about it.

Please please give me wazifas and duas and recommendations such as salaat hajaat and sadaqah for me to
1) Pass my next driving test

2) And to help overcome my feeling of depression and hopelessness because of failing these tests

Answer: Don’t be so despondent, A mu’min never looses hope. Pause for a moment and think of all those poor souls who are going through a qiyamat of their own in Syria and elsewhere.

Give some sadaqa and pray Salatul Hajaat, which is a few rakats Nafal Namaaz at any time of the day, besides makrooh time. You can pray as many times as you like during the day.

After finishing Namaaz, make dua and before you go for the driving test, Be positive, don’t hesitate, try to do everything right.

Also Read Yaseen shareef before you go, and make dua that Allah softens the heart of the examiner. Inshallah Allah will help you pass.

May Allah make your whole life easy for you, fulfil all your needs and take care of you.

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  1. Belal Isakjee

    As salamu Alaikum Wa Rahamtullahi Wa Barakatu

    Also, in your duas, make intention that if you pass, then you will be able to do your parents kidmat, for example, if your mother and father require assistance in going to the shops etc then you can drop them off and help them out. Also make intention that when you pass, you will do good with your car, for example, pick up relatives and other Muslim brothers who are also going to the masjid to pray salaah.

  2. hasra

    Slaam brother inshallaha you will pass soon I also have a test 20 June please also pray for me I have given a test before but also failed. Just remember allaha inshallaha good will happen. Takecare

  3. Asiyah

    Assalam alikum wr wb dear brothers n sister I very humble request please make dua for me I have a driving test on Tuesday 4th June plz make dua so that insha’Allah I can pass jazak Allah

    —————– —————– ————————–

    Walaikumussalam w w

    Be confident
    Drive normally as though your best friend is sitting with you and relax while you drive
    My daughter passed in her first test
    Before you go read 2 rakat salatul hajaat and make dua

    May Allah make your test easy for you and help you pass

    When you pass feed some mithaai to your friends


  4. farzana bi

    salaam plz do dua for its my 10th paractical test i’m losin hope dat i wn t pass plz make a dua for me so dah i cn pass


    Keep trying; A spider attempts to climb a wall several times but keeps falling. It doesn’t give up and finally it gets to the top. There is a lesson in there for all of us

    May Allah help you to drive with confidence and may Allah provide a lenient examiner who overlooks minor mistakes and lets you pass


  5. Farzana

    Asalaama alaikum

    Please can everyone do dua for me. I have failed 5 times, I know I am becoming g a better driver but I really want to pass since I struggle with paying the instructor’s fee and also paying for test booking please please can all you do dua for me and I really hope whoever is in my place also pass their test. Ameen

    Please can someone email me some dua for practical test thanks


    May Allah make life easy for you

  6. sofia

    Saalam Please can u make dua for a sister who is struggling to pass a pratical test I’m on my 10th one an stiL no luck could you please advise me on a dua I can read and remember me in your dua that I pass.. feeling low but still have hope in swt

  7. Nagma

    Assalamalikum Wa’Rahmutlaahi wa Barakaat. Just keep trying sister. Just remember to take a deep breath in and out and you should do fine. If you relax your mind, you will do much better. That’s what I’m going to do next time since I have failed my first insha’Allah. May Allah help us all out on the road test insha’Allah. Ameen. & also remember driving is small portion of life. Just think about the people who don’t have enough food to eat or the brothers and sisters in Syria and other parts of the world who are in dire state. Insha’Allah Allah will help us all. Remember just don’t stop trying.

  8. Ajmal

    May Allah helps all of us who are in this journey to be able to drive and help us to earn a better living but the main thing is its all upto the all mighty Allah who is most blessing and forgiving just accept what ever the out come is of your test its from Allah he might have other things planned or testing us in other ways . So best advise put your 100 percent trust in mighty Allah and thank him for everything his given us .may Allah help all Muslims around the world ameen .

  9. Ajmal

    I’ve just passed thanks all mighty Allah he made it so easy for me all the way through I just tryed to do my best and with Allah swt blessing I passed with 11 minors it proves to me remembering Allah before the test is the biggest help and dua there is so people read bismillah before u drive and leave the rest to him

  10. Ajmal

    Inshallah may Allah help all the sisters & brothers to pass there test ameen please do dua for all Muslims who are suffering around the world and may Allah help them and give them sabar thank you

  11. sister

    I have my practical driving test tommorrow. Please pray for me as it is my first.thank u


    May Allah make it easy and help you pass. Ameen.

  12. Nazima

    I have practical mi driving test tomorrow ,plz pray 4mi …is my first test …am sooo scard n worried about it ….

    ———— ————– ————

    May Allah make it easy and help you pass

  13. 786blessings

    As salaam u alaikum. A humble request to all my Muslim brothers and sisters- please could you do dua for me. I have my driving test in 2 days and is my 3rd timie. Please pray i have a lenient examiner. Insha Allah I will remember all the Muslim ummah in my duas too.
    JazakAllah khair


    May Allah help you pass

  14. farzana bi

    I have my driving test in birmingham garetts green wednesday 8th jan 2014 9:07 please cud u wish me luck Coz I have failed 14 practical test This date wich i have ryt infront of me Im nervous I cnt tink of anything buh lukin for success So plz gimme a dua oh wazifa plz i dnt kno why i fail keep on Im wastin money Im losin hope My instructor shouts plz dua kro mera liye

    _______________ ______________

    Why are you so nervous????

    Apna instructor change kar lo. Himmat se chalaawo, warna hazaar test ke ba’d bhi fail ho jaao gi

    Allah madad kare, asaan kar de, Haq halal ki money ko waste hone se bachaaye

  15. shukriya msg ke liye plz dua kra na ke accha examiner mile jo date mein ne dekhaye app ko mein 14 test deha chuke ho iss baar mein pass hona chahte ho instructor shout karta hai kehta hai tum kabhi pass nahi hoge aurr toh aur iss baar meri jeet ho haar ne ghar mein problem hain itne tension hai kya karo samje ne ah re aur ek aur baat mein jab test mein jaate ho mein naksha jo woh examiner dekha ta hai bhool jaate hon iss liye fail ho jaate right mein jaana hota hai aur left mein rehte ho plz dua karna

  16. app kp bhaut shukriya apne mera sawaal ka jawab de diya allah app ko kushi atta farmaye aur ek aur masla hai meri bhabhi aur meri sister kis case ke problem mein hai app plz ko dua do plz unke hearin hai court mein 3 feb ko aur dua karne ke woh reha hojaaye jail se aur iss musbit mubit behgunaah hai kise ne unko trap kiya hai iss liye woh aaj problem mein hai

  17. Meri sister hai rafia usne kise larke ke saath dosti ke thi aur woh dhoka baaz nikla kya uska naam sache mein kasim tah kya woh accha insan tah kya woh sai larka tah uske liye aur jo bhi musbit aaye hai uspe allah usa door kare de ameen jazakallah



  18. Allah's Bandi

    Assalam o Alekum W RahmatULLAH.

    First of all I pray to ALLAH for all of you that all of you have already passed your driving tests and now would be driving safely. And anyone else who is asking for any jaiz dua to ALLAH, may ALLAH accept his dua.

    Also I request all of you to plzzzzzzzzzz pray to ALLAH for me too, I am having my driving test in a couple of weeks inshaALLAH. I have already failed 2 times, and spending lots of money on it. Plz pray I pass this time plz.
    May ALLAH help me and all others like me.

  19. Zara

    Allah ka shukar hai that I’ve past my driver’s license test in the first time. I agree with brother Ajmal. I said bismillah the whole time during the test.. I wasn’t nervous and everything went well with the karam of Allah swt. Ps don’t forget to read 2 rakaat Shukrana after passing ur exam :).

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  21. naila

    pls pls make Duaa for me and I’ll do the sme for u inshallah I got test on Monday I rly need to pass my test cos I have to girls and ty are in high Shcool as a Muslim mother I don’t like my daughter to walk this word is not a safa place thankyou Allah hafiz

  22. Raihana

    What dua can I pray before I go for my 1st driving test in two weeks, I really want to pass, even tho I will be remembering allah and I will be praying before I go, is there anything to make it easier for me as I am stressing. Can everyone pray for me.

  23. yasmin

    Salam u alaikum, I am training to be a driving instructor. I’ve come to the final stage of the test- having past 2 out of the 3 tests. Pass rate it 27% in the final test. And you only have 3 attempts . I have failed once and have 2 chances. Its very very difficult. Can you please make dua for me . And what can I recite to help. Pls make dua. .
    Asalam u alaikum

  24. L,x

    Aslaam, Everyone please keep me in ur duas as I have a test tmorrow, Im really scared and nervous .. Soo please keep me in my duas and can any sisters offer me any advice of what to recite if I am unable to pray nafl?

    Thank you this will help me immensely

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