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Q633: Working for investment company

Question 1:

I recently applied for a job in Barclays Wealth and have been successful on a temporary basis for six months. I was told that working for Barclays Wealth is not working for the bank, as it is a separate side of the group, an investment company – Wealth Management (global wealth manager by assets under management). My job description is given below; I am not involved with investments or giving advice for investments to clients and I am not paid by the Bank.

• Assisting in the preparation of HMRC tax pack
• Support the tax pack mailbox
• Deal with any client reported queries
• Work to strict reporting deadlines
• Work as part of team

I am going to begin my work this coming week as I have accepted the contract and signed it, this all happened with interview within one week as they are looking for immediate starts. Please advise on whether this is halal or haram and what my next steps should be if haram.


I see no reason why working for this firm would be impermissible as this job does not deal with interest, neither is this job paid for by the bank itself.

May Allah grant you rizqe halal with Barkat.

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