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Q635: My Husband is sexually inactive, what should I do?

ASAK, I have been married 12 years, and in all my years my husband has never sexually satisfied me.

It has now come to a point where he suffers from premature ejaculation. He will not go to see a doctor or a nurse or seek advice from a hakim.

I am now becoming very very frustrated as he believes there is nothing wrong. What would Islam advise me besides fasting.

It has got to a point where I fear for the committing of zina, but the only factor that stops me is my fear of Allah, but I am also aware that shaitaans whispering are very strong.

I do apologise but I’m sure you understand everyone has needs and after 12 years mine are not being fulfilled.

I humbly apologise for the nature of the question, and for any inconvenience it may cause.

Answer: May Allah have mercy on you and protect your chastity. May Allah put some sense in your husbands mind and give him some understanding.

My friend sufi Saheb was saying sometimes we feel that Viagra is a good invention for such cases. Why not order some on Internet and let him use them.
Some people don’t understand the needs and are not prepared to do anything, So they need some push. It seems that your husband falls in this category. May Allah give him hidayat.

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  1. ali

    ASAK, I really sympathize with the sister in this matter since I have suffered the same and this causes intense frustration on both sides. My wife suffered for 8 years. I went to India and got it treated and Alhamdulillah we have a settled life now. I realized that I was the zaalim for not getting it treated.

    Now,there are many hakeemi treatments available for internal and external treatment of the organ, far better than allopathic medicines. Also, Mufti sahab has mentioned somewhere in is answers of Hakeem Umar sahab in Gujarat. See if viagra does any change or try to contact the hakeem sahab in Gujarat. Since this is a fatawa site, I can’t speak more on this issue.

    AR says: hakeem Saheb is here in UK. His contact no is 07712 633604

  2. Abid

    My wife is facing the same problem from me and I am ready to undergo a treatment for this problem. Kindly let me know Hakeem Sahab’s contact in India.

    0091 9825300177

  3. Asim

    I am also suffering from premature ejaculation (PE) for last 14 years. Is there any medicine or Hakeem in Texas, USA?

    ——————- ————————- ———————————–

    Walaikumussalam w w

    I don’t know of any hakeem in that area. However, the world is like a global village now. Phone the hakeem Saheb in india. He will mail you the medicine. Otherwise try Viagra. It’s for medical reasons, so there is no harm in there.

    May Allah grant you complete shifa.


  4. noone

    Use onions like as salad during day only day time not on night . i have heard some haddess related to it also . But i am not sure about refrence . in which Hazoor gave same advice to Sahabi once he was back to normal Hazoor told him to stop eating .. And have heard too eat bowl of meat and apart from everything Dua

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