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Q641: Selling condoms, and selling cigarettes to underage kids

Salam sheikh hope you are in the. Best of health. I work in a shop and I wanted to ask 2 questions, if you would kindly answer them jazakallah.

1. Is it allowed for me to sell condoms to someone whom I know is not married.

2. Selling cigarettes to underage people from an islamic viewpoint

Answer: Walaikumussalam. Alhamdulillah I am fine.

1. How can you be certain he is buying them for himself? Also you are a vendor, you will not be held to account for the actions of others. You would not be allowed to sell items of clear shirk and kufr eg idols. Similarly, things which are clearly haram eg pork, wine cannot be sold. Items which are halal in their zaat, but become haram for an outer reason, can be sold. So it is hoped that you will not be held to account for selling them. if you know the buyer personally, you could advise them to behave properly.

2. We have an agreement to abide by the laws of the land we live in. Quran says; ” and fulfil your agreement, as agreement is something for which enquiry will be made” (surah bani israeel) so you must not sell them to underage children.

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