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Q642: advice for someone getting married

Question: I’m getting married..
give me some nasihat?

Sayyiduna Ali karramallahu wajhahu was asked “What is marriage?” he replied
“سرور شهر غموم دهر كسور ظهر لزوم مهر”
Trans: “One month’s joy, a lifelong anxiety, breaking of the back and having to pay the heavy costs of dowery etc”

Enjoy your happy days while you can. Take good care of your wife. Understand her feelings and treat her accordingly. One buzrug said ” Use miswak and keep your mouth thoroughly clean. Don’t go near her with a bad breath”

At the same time don’t be too soft; Girls don’t like softies. They like men who are positive, assertive and forward thinking.

Read some good books about happy marriage.

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  1. mohammed

    I would like to know the source of hadhrat Ali RA’s quote above.
    رور شهر غموم دهر كسور ظهر لزوم مهر”
    Where can I find this in which book

    Walaikumussalam w w
    I read it in one of the mawaaiz books. I don’t remember the reference at the moment. However, it’s not a marfoo’ Hadith, so it doesn’t have to rise to the rank of Saheeh. If I find the reference, I will post it, inshallah, wassalam

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