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Q649: After Quran what is best form of dhikr

Question: Asalamualaykum,

After Salah and reciting Qur’an, what is the best form of dhikr?


Answer: Read AL-HISNUL HASEEN of ibnul Atheer al-Jazari (rh).
Available in English. Also Al-ADHKAAR of Imam Nawawi (rh), and also Fadhail-e-Zikr of Hazrat Sheikh Zakaria (rh)

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  1. Ali Asghar Shah

    Asalaamualaykum Shaykh,

    Ramadan Mabrukh shaykh. I have a question regarding the Ijazah for a Wird. I was reading about the awrad called Hizbul Bahr by Imam Abul Hasan shadhili r.a.

    Is it necesary to have an ijazah to recite this wird or can i recite it on a regular basis without any Ijazah how can i find a shaykh for this Ijazah.

    Also shaykh hizbul nasr is ijazah must before recital.

    Can you refer to name of a very nice Wird and awrad so i can recite it regularly after my faraizs and Sunnats.


    ‘Ali Shah

    —————– ——————- ———-

    Walaikumussalam w w

    Read alhizbul A’zam of Mulla ali al qari

  2. Musthafa

    Assalamualaikum wrwb Ya Sheikh,
    I really enjoyed your company in our local masjid, Texas, USA. I was with you in Br.Parvez’s house as well. I have a question about the book Al-Hisnul Haseen. A person named abu hamza from Australia considers this book as an evil book. He says it is a dangerous book containing the names of 4 shayateen in the 1st page on the left side. He says it is not a reliable book and should not be recited at all. Here is his lecture on Jinns where he talks about this book at 36.15 mins on the following link……….

    Can you please clarify the position of Ulema-al-haqq on this book and whether this person is reliable or not. Jzkh for all your services to Deen. May Allah accept it and bless you with a long healthy life. Pls remember my late father and my sad family in your duas. Allah Hafiz. ~

    ———————- Answer. ——————————

    Walaikumussalam w w

    I remember you brother mustafa! I had a wonderful time in your good company. May Allah reward you all for your muhabbat with this sinful person. May Allah shower special Rahmah upon your late father’s grave and may Allah grant sabre jameel to the whole family.

    I have heard that part of the lecture which you mentioned. Al Hisnul Haseen is a very reliable book. It was written by ibnul Atheer al jazari. he was from the sixth century of the islamic calendar. He also authored ‘Jamiul usool’ which has over 9000 Ahadeeth.

    Al Hisnul Haseen is among the most authentic works regarding da’waat. Ibnul Atheer has not written anything regarding magic numbers. No one says these numbers are magic. However, if some ulema found some effect in them, then that should not be denied. It’s nothing that contradicts the usool of shariah.

    He hasn’t written anything regarding the names of shayateen either. I have a copy of the book which is free from what this person mentions.

    As for the part of ‘keeping that book with you prevents from calamities’, then this could be due to barakah of the Duas that it contains. The duas are from Quran and Hadith so why deny this effect. People have had this type of experience regarding saheeh al Bukhari as well; ie that they were carrying it with them in a ship and the ship got into trouble, however, it was saved and they were informed that this was due to barakah of saheeh al Bukhari which they were carrying.

    So what this person is saying is total nonsense. It seems that one of the publishers added something at beginning of the book, which is not part of the original book. It is clearly distinct from the rest of the book. This jaahil is condemning the original work knowingly or unknowingly.

    It is an extremely beneficial book, in fact one of the best on this subject. So read it and memorise the Duas and add them to your daily wazaaif.

    Allah knows best. Wassalam

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