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Q650: Dua for finding a job

Question: AWW

I am finding it really hard to find a suitable job at the moment, is there anything I can do/pray to make it easy for me?

Please make dua for me Shaykh.

Jazakallah, may Allah reward you abundantly…Ameen

Answer: Wazeefa of Surah Muzammil for forty days.
It should be read once between sunnat and fardh of Fajr and then twice after every namaaz. A total of eleven times in a day. See articles section.

May Allah grant you a nice job and halal earnings with lots of barakah. Ameen

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  1. Rabiya Shahid

    I might be wrong or maybe I didn’t completely understood please correct me if i’m wrong, doesn’t that equal a total of 10 times a day, the recitation of surah Muzammmil. Once after sunnat and once after farj for fajr namaz and then twice after every names a total of 10 times?

    —————– ————— —————–

    ‘After every Salah’ includes fajr
    So total is11

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