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Q651: How to get rid of waswasa in salah

Question: I get a lot of waswasa in salah and I can’t concentrate. What can I do to get rid of these feelings?

Answer: when you stand up for salah, focus carefully, pause for a moment and read dua of tawjeeh,
اني وجهت وجهي للذي فطر السموات والارض حنيفا وما أنا من المشركين
Trans: “I have turned my face towards that Being who originated the heavens and the earth, I scorn all false creeds and profess the true religion, and I am not of the idolators”

Then say
رب أعوذ بك من وساوس الصدر و شتات الامر
رب أعوذ بك من همزات الشياطين وأعوذ بك رب ان يحضرون
Trans: “My Lord! I seek thy refuge from the whisperings that appear in my heart and from my work being scattered”
“My Rabb! I seek thy refuge from the instigations of Satans and I seek thy refuge from them drawing closer to me”

Then read Surah An-naas,
then say your takbeere tahreemah to start salah. Do this a few times and inshallah the waswasas will go away.

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