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Q659: Where is mount 'Qaf'

As salaamu alaikum,
I would like to know what the Mountain Qaf is? And any other details pertaining to the Mountain Qaf.
This mountain is mentioned by the famous historian Tabari who quotes this Hadith:
The Prophet of Islam(SAW) is reported to have said: “Allah created the mountain Qaf all around the Earth. It is called stake of the Earth, as it is said in the Quran, ‘And the mountains as pegs?’ This world is in the middle of the mountain of Qaf as the finger is in the middle of the ring. No man can reach there, for he needs to spend four months in the darkness, In this mountain there is no sun, no moon no stars and it is so blue that the azure colour of the sky is the brightness of the mountain Qaf that reflects on the sky, and it appears this colour, If this was not so, the sky would not be blue. All the mountains that are seen in this world are from the mountain Qaf.
Also what is meant by “darkness” in this Hadith?
Jazakallah Khair,

Walaikumussalam w w

Ibn jareer tabari is more of a muarrikh (historian) than a muhaddith (expert of Hadith). Therefore his narrations with regards to Hadith will be taken with caution. Also the wordings of many Hadith indicate towards their weakness or even fabrication.

This Hadith of mount qaaf is not in any of the sihahe Sitta and wordings seem odd too. I tried to look for it’s tahqeeq in a few books but could not find anything. If I do find something, I will post it later on, inshallah. Allah knows best.

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  1. Kazi

    Salam every one.

    This mythical mount qaf could be related to world of jinn or gate way to the jinn’s world.
    I don’t have any proof of hadith or Qur’an right now.This mount could be under any ocean. As i heard the throne of eblis is in the ocean but don’t know where could it be.

  2. Subratty

    Why searching “Mount Qaf”?? Better try to make your soul and Heart in a perfect condition so that you may receive Blessing and Mercy of Almighty Allah upon you..

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