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Q667: Oral with protection, permitted or not?

Kindly clarify the following for me regarding relations with my spouse:

I am aware that oral sex is Makrooh. I have recently come across an article (western health website) stating that impurites from private organs could be dangerous and one should avoid these coming into the mouth.

The article suggested using a sheath (alternatively dental dam) to cover the private area of a women before doing such acts in order to prevent impurities entereing the mouth.

If one does take the above precautions – will the act be permissable ?

Answer: The muftiyaane kiraam have researched that, this act on a male is makrooh, on a female is haraam. So taking precautions will not make it permissible.

There is something called hayaa. This has been encouraged, not only by shariah guidance, but by logic and by human nature.

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  1. Bullbull

    salaam, i have a quick question i just wanted to know if a husband can use sex toys on his wife? Awaiting your reply.

    Allah hafiz

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    Walaikumussalam w w

    These questions are a direct result of society we are living in, also of the things we see on the box.

    Man has not been created to eat drink sleep and enjoy. Previously people would not have thought of such questions. Their hayaa prevented them from asking many relevant questions too.

    We read in books that it is most appropriate for the couple to cover themselves with a sheet. One Hadith says “They should not be naked like two camels”

    We can allow uncovering, but these types of actions can not be permitted. Be very careful not to fall for shaytani ploys.

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