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Q668: Discharging interest money

Assalaamu Alaykum,
If someone was to accumulate a small amount of interest from a bank account and therefore this interest needs to be discharged.
Would it be possible to give the interest money to a charity such as Cancer research, Unicef , etc, obviously with the intention of getting no reward as its interest money.
I would be grateful if you could confirm if this is permissible.
Jazakallah Khair

Yes, that is the correct way to discharge that money.
Allah will reward you for your good intentions. Wassalam

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  1. Ali Asghar Shah

    Salaamunalaykum Shaykh,

    I wanted to ask about lending money to non-muslims on interest in Darul Harb. It is said by some ulema and also reported from Shah Abdul Aziz dehlwi r.a in his fatawaas that he permitted to lend money on interest to kafirs in darul Harb.

    It it permissible and also did Shah Abdul Azizi dehlwi r.a give a Fatwa of waging Jihad against those who had occupied Hind.

    Shah Ismai Shaheed and Syed Ahmed Shaheed r.anhua waged Jihad against sikhs first. S was their action independent ijtihad or based upon fatwa of Shah Abdul Aziz r.a

    I came across a book which states that Shah Abdul Aziz r.a did not give any fatwa for Jihad. I do not agree with this book but what are your views on it shaykh. Today itself i went to see Madrasah Rahimiyaah of Shah Abdul Aziz in Kalan Mahal near Kucha Challan of Old Delhi. It still has a board ont he gate which says Madrasah of Shah Abdul Azizi r.a. It was very emotional moment and the whole lane is known by this name, now only a very very small part of the madrasah remains, which too in ruins! Now people have made houses in that lane.

    If only someone would revive it.

    Anyways shaykh i wanted to ask these questions and share this with you.

    Waiting for your answer.



    Walaikumussalam w w

    Ask this question to your local muftees. Sorry, but I am not in a position answer such quieries.


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