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Q673: Few suggestions


Assalamualaykum Shaykh,

My name is………….

I am from Delhi, India.

I am highly impressed by the depth of scholarship which Shaykh has. I also know that Nadwatul Ulema was founded on the ideology of Shah Waliyullah dehlwi r.a.

I am a great lover of the books of Shah Waliyllah

It would be great if the shaykh gives Lectures in English or urdu on thi Magnum Opus Izalaul Khifa and also on Hujjatullahi Baaligha.

Also if the works of Shah such as Tafhimaatul Ilahiyya and his sharah on Sahih Bukhari, if they are translated to either urdu or english it would be great! Only a learned person like Shaykh can do this.

I think if dars on the works of Shah Waliyullah and works of Shah abdul aziz such as tafsir fathul aziz, bustan ul muhadithin works like isab bi bayan al sabab al ikhtilaaf then such benefit will be achived by the knowledge thirsty students of Islamic studies.

The intellect level of msulims will go back to the era of Islamic supremacy in the world Inshallah.

Lastly there is a huge fuss of shite and Ahle sunnah going on so i think if Taufa Ithna Ashari is explained and the dars on this great book is given it would be a great service for the People of Sunnah.

Waslamu Alaykum



Answer: Jazakallah for your concerns and all your suggestions.

I have requested a friend of mine to translate ‘Tuhfa’ into English. With regards to Dars , I will think about it inshallah.

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  1. khawar

    Mufti Muhammad Saeed Khan Saheb of Pakistan has been giving Urdu lectures of Hujjatullahi Baaligha. It is more than 100+ hours.

    Mufti Saeed Ahmad Palanpuri Saheb’s commentary of Hujjatullahi Baaligha has now been translated into English and is available

    Jazakallahu khayran
    This reminds me that hujjatullah itself has been translated into English, with the name ‘Conclusive Argument of God’ it’s available from major book shops. It’s language is very heavy for a layman like me.

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