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Q675: Marriage without rukhsati

My family have found a practicing pious sister and are going to propose Insha’Allah. I would rather not have communication with her before nikkah as it is not permissible and I would like to complete the marriage according the Sunnah of our Holy Prophet. I would just like to know is it permissible to get the nikkah done so therefore it is permissible for myself to talk to her and complete the rukhsati a year later as it is not possible to get the rukhsati done straight away as she still has to complete her studies.
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Walaikumussalam w w
Yes, it is permissible. But I would advise you to do the rukhsati ASAP because many times marriages are broken due to one person saying something to the other and then arguments and then finish.

May Allah help you with everything and choose the best option for you. Wassalam

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