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Q676: Too many problems. Don't know what to do!

asalaam o alaikum

I have suffered severe migraines for ten years and it has been my downfall in all aspects of life i do read my namaz and i try and maintain zikr and iman but feel i struggle. Lifes seems very difficult and every step i take i have no success in and feel very deflated. Health is wealth and without it everything is very hard and i have nothing that cures the severe pain i endure i also suffer endometriosis and have ovarian cysts. I was told that i have been a victim of black magic but Allah knows best of this also as it is a big thing to state. My dreams are always very dull and dark and constantly have lions dogs and predatory animals in them or im struggling and trying to get to the top of a hill or platform. i feel very low at the moment and just feel i dont have any remedy. is there anything i can be advised. i read my quran and khuls and allahs names regularily. i dont think my family understand the severity and balancing work life and responsibility in the house is very hard and i am struggling


Walaikumussalam w w
This worldly life is a test. Allah tests some with ni’mat to see if they do Shukr or not, while He tests others with museebat to see if they do sabr or not. Among the prophets, we find Suleman alayhissalam and also Ayyub alayhissalam.

In fact prophets were tested the most. Our rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam went through tests upon tests throughout his life. Magic was done on him and he stayed severly ill for nearly 6 months, he was poisoned by some jews and constantly felt the effects of that from time to time. He used to have fever twice as much as a normal person. He would have severe headaches. He contracted pneumonia which resulted in him breathing his last.

So be patient. Keep up your duas and think that this life is temporary, Allah is elevating your status in jannah by the patience you are showing.

At the same time cointnue your duas for aafiyat and for shifa. Don’t pay attention to scary dreams; they are from shaytan not from Rahman. Allah doesn’t like scaring anyone, so just ignore them. Read ayatul Kursi before going to sleep and they will go away.

To get rid of black magic, practice on the wazeefa mentioned on this website for 40 days. Reading Surah Fatiha, ayatul Kursi, four quls, 3 times each after every fardh salah, blowing on your hands and passing them over the whole body, repeating this before going to sleep as well. That will be six times a day.

May Allah grant you complete shifa and bless you with sabr and sukoon and reward you immensely for the patience you are showing, Ameen wassalam

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  1. Ali Asghar Shah

    AsalaamuAlaykum Shaykh,

    Shaykh my Mother had undergone a surgery and we have conducted the biopsy tests. The results are on this Monday. Pleasee shaykh make duaa for her that the results should be good and no problem should be there.

    Verily the dua of pious men are a very strong weapon. Ya Shaykh do remember us in the duaa.


    ‘Ali Shah

    —————— ————– ————– ———-

    Walaikumussalam w w

    May Allah keep everything clear and may He give your mother shifa from all sicknesses.

    May Allah keep her shade over you for a long time and keep her duas flowing for you


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