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Q680: Regarding tarteeb of Surah muzzammil


AWW Shaykh

Just a quick question, do you know the amal that Shah Walyyallah rahimahullah has given to find a job, if by accident you forget to pray Surah muzammil at the times they are supposed to be prayed, can you pray them at the end of the day as long as they add up to 11?

Jazakallah, may Allah reward you abundantly…ameen

Please make dua for me that I find a good job


Walaikumussalam w w

May Allah swt provide for you. Be patient and Allah’s help will come.

The most desired effect is when it’s read according to tarteeb. The aim is that salah helps in Barkat of rizq, so when salah is prayed and then the Surah, then it will be most effective.

However, if for some reason that is missed it can be completed later.

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  1. MH


    This is a very effective am’al. Firstly send salawat e ibrahim to Prophet SAW with 11 times,then read 1111 ya mugni, followed by Surah Muzzammil and in the end read salawat e Ibrahim, Make du’a to Allaah,insh’Allaah you will get a job.

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