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Q681: Opening a certain bank account



I wish to open this santander account, could you please tell me if it jaaiz to do so?

All the relavent informatiion is on this link.

Also if this credit card is jaaiz for me to have?

I look foward to hearing your response

jazakallah khayran


Walaikumussalam w w

Having read the basic details it is clear that there are two elements to this account.

The first is interest; you give less and you get more in return. This is haram and should be avoided under all circumstances.

The second is that you are paying a certain amount every month without knowing with any certainty what you will get in return, this comes under the ruling of qimar (gambling).

Therefore any money you receive from such an account will be ulawful to use.
So you shouldn’t open this account. Just use the normal ones.

All Credit cards should be avoided. Keep only one for an emergency use during the travels or something. Many people have lost everything after spending lavishly on credit cards and then failing to pay due to job loss or some other reason. Some even committed suicide because of huge debts. So be careful, very careful. Wassalam

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  1. Arafat Chowdhury

    Salam Shaykh,
    I am reaching the age where it will be necessary open a bank account; to apply for mortgage etc…, therefore I would like any suggestions of shariah compliant banks, which you personally use or any which you may know of.

    ————————- ————–

    I don’t know of any shariah compliant banks; just use the normal ones and avoid interest

  2. Abdullah


    When you open an account you can ask them to not pay you interest. I think lloyds bank and tsb bank offer this option.

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