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Q692: Should I follow Dr Tahirul Qadri


Can you tell me more about Shaykh Ul Islam Tahir Ul Qadri and if I should follow him or not, I listen to his lectures and I really like it. Should I become mureeyd to him or not? JazakAllah


Don’t follow him, but If you derive benefit from his lectures listen to them. However, make a distinction between right and wrong in his lectures.

Don’t become his mureed. He’s got too much on his plate. Plus many of his beliefs and practices contradict the teachings of shariah. He approves of music and dancing around.

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  1. Ali Asghar Shah

    Salaam Shaykh,

    Shaykh! I heard in one of his lectures that he said that there is no such thing as one Khilafah for the whole Ummah and he said it is Bidah.

    He believes that the modern system of politics which the people of Bartania follow as in it is permissible in Islam and compares it with Shurah of the Sahaba r.anhum.

    Shaykh he also belives in celeberating Christmas and not only that Minhaj Ul Quran , the organization he opened even celebrated Mawlid un Nabi saws such a an august gathering in the precnicts of a Mandir and the Minhaj says that it is to to dawah or bring community closer and what not.

    I feel he has knowledge no doubt but as you mentioned about too much on his plate , it makes sense.

    Please shaykh! Give a lecture if possible on the Importance of Khilafah. Is not death without the Bayah of a Khalifa a death of Jahiliyaa. Yes it is open to interpretation but the fact that the matter of Khilafah was of such importance that the companions r.a gave it a lot of emphasis after the Wisaal of Nabi saws. This shows its importance.

    Shaykh! I think the work of Shah Waliyullah r.a which is Izalatul Khifa is an excellent work on this topic, if you can give some dars on this forgotten topic it will do much benefit.


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    Walaikumussalam w w

  2. Ali Asghar Shah

    Asalaamualaykum Shaykh,

    The muslims of Indian subcontinent as you know were divided only into two groups at the time of Shah Abdul aziz r.a and they were Ahle Sunnah and Imamiya shi’i.

    Now we have ahle hadith, people who call themselves deobandi and those who say they are barelwi. Each claims t be from Ahle Sunnah. I believe botth those who hold views like the ulema of deoband do and the ulema of barelwi do they are both from Ahle Sunnah.

    Why is it that Imam Ahmed riza khan r.a wrote a refutation ont he works of Maulana Ashraf Ali thanwi r.a and Rashid Ahmed gangohi r.a. Was it a deliberate move towards fitna or was it misunderstanding.

    Nowadays people say what are u deobandi or barelwi and this war split is only in indian sub-continent and not any where else.

    Shaykh i think much information needs to be spread if more eitedaal can be proomoted between both of them. I knwo there are extremists from both sides. Maybe if you can give dars on promoting more unity within Ahle sunnah wal jamaahin indian sub-continent. We here in India look to you as an authority in Shariah and indeed Allah has blessed you with great and very vast Knowledge.

    Shaykh you also know that Shaykh abdul haqq muhaddith dehlwi r.a held it mushtahab to choose 12th rabbil awwal as Milad un Nabi saws. Whereas Mufti taqi Uthmani saahab states in his book on months of a Muslim that it is not a nice thing to do by choosing one particular date. Is it not true that scholars who were much more learned than Mufti taqi saahib like As-suyuti, Ibn Subki, Shah Waliullah, Shah Abdur rahim made Mawlid.

    So why should this topic be used to further divide the muslims and call it a Bidah? Yes the way these Buzurg made Mawlid was different. Also shaykh it is true that Many ulema have stated that it is in Allah’s power to grant ability to Nabi saws to be Haazir in any place while at the same time having his presence at his Rauza. We have about the life of Prophets in Barzakh and yes it does not call for us to follow jews in their ghuloo.

    But Shaykh is it also not true that the Muqaam of Nabi saws is not given due honor by the salafis of Aaale e ibn wahhab.

    A place where Imam Malik r.a never used a horse to ride they stand near Rauza with their shoes on and some say it is not permissible ot travel with a niyah to visit the Blessed Grave of Holy Prophet saws.

    Shaykh you must be aware that Imam Nawawi, Tajuddin ibn subki and many other ulema have givena beautiful answer to this misunderstanding of the hadith on travelling to mosques except Masjid ul haram, Masjid un Nabawi saws.

    Please shaykh give if you get time a dars on removing the misconception in these topics which has become the pet topic of the fitnah parast maulvis who are only maulvis by name to divide us and create hatred.

    Please give dars on promoting more unity within the Ahle Sunnah specially the barelwi and deobandi spplit.

    Please forgive us in writing such a lenghty question , now i do not wish to give you a headache by leanghtening it more.


  3. Muadh Khan

    Asslamo Allaikum,

    Dr Tahirul Qadri is a graduate from Punjab University Lahore, convicted of lying in Pakistani Court and the Deobandi, Barelwee, Salafi, Ahle-Hadeeth, Ulamah ALL advise Muslims not to listen to him. He was also the special Islamic advisor to General Parvaiz Musharaf (of Pakistan) hence due to combined opinion of Ulamah of Pakistan him and his talks should be avoided. Here is a brief history about him:

    Here he is on a Christmas Cake cutting ceremony:

    Here is a picture of people doing Sajdah at his feet:

    Jazakullah Khairun

  4. Misbah

    We must learn to correct ourself first . Best is to take what is good and leave rest aside.this will benefit us all. If we understand Quran a little bit only we can keep ourself away from fitna . Lets try not to take burden of others mistake on our shoulders and lets try to become light for generations to come , Ameen !

  5. M abd'Allah


    AsSalaam alaykum

    shaykh ul Islam maulana tahir ul qadiri (d.b) is a living gateway to the forte of ahl sunnah wal jamaah

    Adab towards the mashayaik is not to question them as opposed to find fault, or direct people away from them. This will result in your own ruin.

    He is in the footsteps of our beautiful akaabir roses kept within the Malta jail. Look to the advices they gave after being freed from Malta.
    Hazrat maulana tahir ul qadiri q.s has brought those advices to life

    Dogs always bark at the full moon and countless find their way by its light

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