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Q693: Is Murtaza Khan right or wrong?


There is this person on YouTube named Murtaza Khan; he goes around insulting other shaykhs and calling them kafir. What do you think of him and is he right or wrong in what he does and says? JazakAllah


I haven’t heard him, however, I will quote the following Hadith.

عن نافع عن ابن عمر أن النبى -صلى الله عليه وسلم- قال « إذا اكفر الرجل أخاه فقد باء بها أحدهما »
Sahih Muslim: 224

‘When a person calls his Muslim brother kafir, then surely one of them returns with it (the kufr)’. (Muslim shareef)

Therefore, if the other person is not a kafir the speaker becomes one. He should be very careful.
Don’t listen to such people.

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  1. Muadh Khan

    Asslamo Allaikum Shaykh (Hazrat) Mufti Abdur-Raheem Limbada (DB),

    Hazrat, Murtaza Khan is a Salafi and has refuted Barelwees in many of his talks and called some of their actions “Bid’ah & Shirk”, he may be a bit harsh in his views but he has not called anyone a Kaafir; He also doesn’t adhere to the views of Ulamah of Deoband on Taqleed & Tassawuff, in fact he is very Anti-Tassawuff.

    Jazakullah Khairun

  2. Mohammed Khubaib

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    As far as I know he is a brilliant Aalim even though he is more inclined to the salafi way of thought, he respects the ulama of deoband and in that respect the awliya kiraam…

    Another clarification I have never heard him making a statement of kufar towards any individual however he is very strict on tauheed and despises the brelvi sect and exposes their shirk and bidah…

    I belong to a family whom overwhelmingly are brelvis and Alhamdulilah through this sheikh and many others I have learned a lot about the flaws of brelvism…

  3. M abd'Allah


    AsSalaam alaykum

    Pseudo salafi (neo khawarij) speakers corrupt deen. It is best to abstain from their company, words and anything that associates with them.

    Listen to experts ( or ones at the feet of experts) and adopt their company.

    For English if we are blessed with people like shaykh maulana Riyadh ul haqq q.s, shaykh ibrahim osi efa q.s or shaykh maulana atabek shukurov q.s, etc then why poison your belief and faith with imitation scholars.

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