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Q726: If someone is in Makkah on eidul fitr, does haj become fardh on them?



If someone goes for umrah during ramadhan.& spend eid there, do they have to remain until hajj & return after performing hajj?


Walaikumussalam w w

If they have performed their fardh haj of once in a lifetime, then they don’t have to stay there. They can come back home.

But if the fardh haj is yet to be done, then they should stay and perform haj. This is because the time of haj Ihram starts from 1st shawwal, and they are there when the haj period has commenced, so they should perform their fardh haj.

However, due to visa problems, threat of heavy fines if caught overstaying and ring costs, they will be allowed to return and make a firm intention that they will perform haj at the first available opportunity. Wassalam

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