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Q730: Can a diabetic fast?


assalamou alaikoum wa rahmatou allahi wa barakatouh i want to ask you please my husband is diabetique and he wants to know if he can fast ramadan in shaaallah because the day is too long jazakoum allah koulla khayer


Walaikumussalam w w

Diabetic patients are not all same. The condition of some is much worse than others, plus some are mentally strong while others are not so fortunate.

My father is a diabetic, he’s nearly 80, yet he fasted on shabe bara’at, and he intends to fast during ramadhan.

So let your husband try the first few fasts, if he can cope ok, otherwise, give fidya and make intention to do qaza of it in short winter days. Fidya is approximately £2 per fast.


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  1. Ali Asghar Shah

    Asalamualaykum Shaykh,

    Do we loose our rewards while fasting if we get angry over a haram act. I believe it does not get makruh, but i am no one to make such rulings, i want to know what is your view on it.

    For example i saw someone in my family having Mc donald’s chicken burger and here in india muslims abstain from mcdonalds because it is not ascertained that they serve Halal or haram. We hear many times that they do not serve Halal food like KFC does.

    So while abstaining this family member of mine i got a bit angry and insisted that his eating that burger is to go against the verdict of Allah and his Prophet saws.

    Please enlighten on this issue shaykh. I have heard from the elderly of the Deen that for a Muttaqi person it is for him to abstain from even those things which are doubtful ones.



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    Walaikumussalam w w

    No the reward does not reduce by this type of anger, rather, it increases. Because this is nahi anil munkar and it is wajib to do this.

    Hadith: ” if one of you sees a munkar, let him change it with his hands, if he can’t then with his Tongue, if he can’t then with his heart, and that is the weakest part of imaan” in another narration the words are “there is not an iota of iman other than it ( ie if he can’t even dislike it with his heart, he has no iman”

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