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Q731: Fajar start time in summer


Assalaamu alaykum

I would be grateful if you could clarify the position with Fajar start time in the summer months.

I have heard that during June, July, August and the early part of September it is possible to read fajar at 1.30am. Is this correct?. If so, is it possible to read tahajjud at say 1.15am ?.

Also on a separate issue, if one is fasting during these months, what would be the sehri end time ?.
Jazakallah khair


Walaikumussalam w w

I don’t which are you are asking this question from. So I would advise you to follow the local ulema’s decision.

In our Northwest, England, some ulema follow the1.30 timetable, however, I personally use the normal one provided by the masaajid and used by the general public.


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