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Q735: Few Questions Regarding the Niqab



I have a few questions regarding the niqab.

I do understand that the niqab is not fard upon women but lately I’ve been feeling very uneasy walking around the streets showing my face. I live in Kent with my two children aged 4/6 and my husband.

Alhumdulillah i’ve been practicing Islam since I came back from Umrah last April and I’ve had no problems inkent wearing the full jilbab and hijab. My daughter has come to an age wear she would ask me to wear the veil outside the house and since her insisting, it’s made me think twice about the fact maybe she must be some kind of answer to my questions I’ve been thinking about.

My husbands completly disagrees with the niqab he feels its over the top but for me its a step closer to Allahs pleasure.

Ok ive been wearing the niqab away from home mainly in East London wear I personally feel the eyes on me but this is without my husbnds concent so I would like to know if I’m doing anything wrong?

Secondly im abit scared to wear it in Kent due to racism and maybe even abuse and to have childen with me all the time it wouldnt feel safe so I was told by a sister that as Muslims we must also think about our safety and not provoke and go asking for trouble so she advised me that it should be ok to not wear it in Kent and only wear I feel its needed so my question is that is it just as bad as being a hypocrite if I wear some places and not others?

And lastly what would be the best answer to give family members on why niqab is important to me because I have a problem when I’m asked a question and it’s asked rudely so I cant help but to answer it not very nicely.

If you could please help me thank you.



We should practice on the Deen as much as possible. If not 100% then however amount possible. So if you are fearful of wearing niqab in Kent, then ok cover the rest of the body besides the face and when you are in a more favourable environment cover the face as well.

Don’t worry about being too polite. Rude objection should be answered in the same way. Mujaddid Saheb says

“Takabbur with a mutakabbir is sadaqa”

Tell them you are too pretty, so other people will not be able to withstand your beauty, like in the case of Yusuf alayhissalam.


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