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Q737: While fasting, What is permitted with your partner?



I would like to know what is permitted whilst fasting with your partner

Muslim sister


Walaikumussalam w w

It depends on how much control both have over their desire.

Where there is taqwa (fear of Allah) and there is no risk or minimum risk of being led to having full intercourse, intimacy in the form of kissing, caressing, hugging will be allowed. Sometimes even desirable Eg where one of the partners is in a happy mood and seeks some attention.

Where the risk is great, any intimate contact that could lead to intercourse will have to be avoided. Eg while being undressed and having mubasharate fahisha.

It is narrated in the Hadith that someone asked this question of kissing the wife while fasting. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam permitted him to do so. Later on another person asked the same question and rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam said “NO!”

Someone who witnessed both incidents asked about the reason for the different answers. He, sallallahu alayhi wasallam replied “The first person was old (and there was no risk of one thing leading to another), whereas the second one was a young man”

The mas’ala is, that full intercourse nullifies the fast, and qadha along with kaffarah will have to be given.

If intercourse does not take place, but semen is released due to the touching of genitals or touching other parts of the body, fast will break, but only qadha will be necessary.

If someone releases fluid just by looking or thinking, but no touching was involved, then the fast will not break. It will be considered like having a wet dream during the fast.

Masturbation breaks the fast and neccesiates qadha only.

Qadha: making up for the broken fast
Kaffarah: two months continuous fasting, if not possible then feeding sixty poor people.

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