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Q738: A pregnant girl broke her fast.


A friend of mine has just found out she is pregnant. She is unable to eat properly and is constantly feeling sick and weak although she is not vomiting a mouthful because she has nothing inside to puke out she broke her fast today and had water so she had that to bring out and she felt better Otherwise she was feeling as though she was wheezing her insides to vomit Is it advisable to fast and will she get gunna for breaking this 1?


When Allah gives some rukhsah, (permissibility) He likes people to take that. He has permitted the pregnant and the breastfeeding mothers to not fast during Ramadhan.

In this case the poor girl should take this rukhsah, and she should look after her health and she should also think about the baby she is carrying, as the baby needs all the nourishment it can get. Therefore she should eat properly, avoid fasting for now and make up for the missed fasts later on.

She will not get any gunaah for breaking this fast. She didn’t break it for fun. She had no choice.

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