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Q748: How should I give Da'wah to non Muslims?



I have been asked a couple of times at my high school about Islam, but I don’t know how I can sum it up into a short passage. Is there a way to give dawah to a Non-Muslim that will be beneficial for them, but will also be short in length?

Jazakallah. Sincerely,


Walaikumussalam w w

First, increase your knowledge of Deen by reading nice books about the beauties of islam.

Second, everything will have an appropriate time and a proper way of doing it. So wait for the right moment to give Da’wat. Don’t butt into people when they don’t want to listen to you.

Thirdly, think carefully, ask Allah for help, prepare your talk and then present it in the most suitable and appealing manner.

Start with the meaning of islam which is to submit wholeheartedly to the commands of Allah. Explain the benefits of this submission and say that from Adam a.s. till today all righteous people used to and do submit themselves to everything Allah says or said.

Then explain the tenets of faith ie the imane mufassal. Belief in Allah His attributes, His power His greatness, etc. And then Belief in angles, books, prophets, life after death, taqdeer.

This should make a good half an hour’s talk. Don’t bore them. Cheer them up in between as well.

May Allah make Da’wah easy for you and spread the word of hidayat, all over the globe.


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